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 Zenova Organization Essay



Brand: Le Dinh Nhat Huy

Class: Ba91

Lecturer: Mister. Paul

Zenova is a company where open based on Hanover, Australia and run by multination group, primary products of Zenova Organization are health and beauty products that are focusing on girl customer. They have set up a project team with 16 person who are affiliate draws by subsidiaries in Europe, America, Asia plus the Middle East. As a result, Thomas Douglas was chosen to ride the project and control all of works that are consider in task. However , the result of work is definitely realized that the productivity of project is very low if it is badly handled. It brings about new administrator should change Ryan Douglas's position nevertheless the problem is at this point they have four options for the position: Elliot new business director, Janet pc services, Ould - transport supervisor and Koichi sales director. Before studies those managers, we look at the current manager Jones Douglas first. Ryan Douglas is a good person at work numerous characters just like decisive and understand workers by provided another chances for their did not do it again. Yet , all of that items is still not good enough to become a ideal manager for this project. Jones Douglas provides decisive character so selection the decision is actually fast and it is really good mainly because we have a lot of things to do so with out quick decision the speed may go down. Nevertheless , he not always check the stage of ideas carefully and analyze complications for employees so when we utilized new suggestions into task, it didn't work because of many mistakes and incorrect steps to finish this thought. As a result, when we asked him about this failing in this project and this individual gave all of us another for you to do it again yet he did not show us the point which we did it wrong. Besides that, time managing and learning the employees are the weakness of Ryan Douglas. Members in group is managed by simply Ryan Douglas are coming from different cultures and also diverse age. Although Ryan Douglas knew about that, he nonetheless used a similar approach and elegance with everybody. Moreover, he is not a sort of friendly person when his employees just like warm and friendly people but it may understand pertaining to him because the amount of work might leads him to pressure. One more items, a determination or problem at work can be described as necessary thing at work to generate it more efficient and bigger productivity whilst he did not do that and also tried to do many things him self so employees may understand that he failed to trust his employees. In conclusion, it demonstrates he had zero team-building skills or knowledge of different individuals.

Next, 4 manager will be analyze the weaknesses and strengths to make the decision who will replace the position of current supervisor Ryan Douglas.

Firstly, Elliot a fresh business deal with. His task is giving instructions to see they are completed. In addition , his is not interested in standard excuses if the function isn't completed. He is decisive person love Ryan Douglas but at some time he fail. It's not so difficult to accept a truth that everyone makes mistake. This individual have a great point that to give staff clear desired goals and check often to cause them to become meeting deadlines which didn't want to do by simply Ryan Douglas and also pay attention to his personnel when they are quarrelling then inform them what to do; and so he may an excellent listener for employees who like to conflict or perhaps discuss by workplace which will help more effective and higher productivity at work. Yet , his staff are international and he could be trying to modify his management style. It's a good thing but also in the present, the project is definitely slowing down thus he needs to spend more time to adapt his management style while he has to directly continue utilize this00 project and make it go to the right way. About his personality, he is hard, fair and loyal to staff which is great to be a supervision but still a little impatient at times while administration require patient to understand the employees and utilize a lot problem so he might be despondent after hard working....



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