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H& M vs . Zara Comparing Marketing Strategies Simply by: Heather Lynn, Shannon Bennett, Harriet Joines

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Introduction Zara Background Performance Financials Recent Expansions Threats and Opportunities Current Marketing Strategy H& M Background Performance Financials Recent Growth Threats and Opportunities Current Marketing Strategy Our Marketing Strategy Marketing Aims SWOT Analysis Marketing Mixture Competitors Summary Works Mentioned 3 4 4 a few 5 6 6 several 7 7 10 twelve 11 doze 12 13 13 15 15 17 17 18


Introduction For this term paper, the group will probably be comparing two companies, H& M and Zara, and the marketing strategies and taking the details we compile and having a new advertising plan for a single company. We will be analyzing every company's web marketing strategy individually then comparing them to see which company has the finest marketing strategy. After that, our team will develop a fresh marketing arrange for one of the companies. Both of these firms have similarly done perfectly with their sales strategies in the past and better before year of 2008 although being under the influence of the financial systems downfall. Sustainability has been the main marketing strategy which includes made H& M a very successful business and continues to do so even today (H& M, 2008). When it comes to Zara, it is marketing strategy contains high yield in which the firm usually provides ten 1000 single products per year jogging through their particular stores (Zara: Cool Clothing Now, Certainly not Later). With each organization having a highly successful online marketing strategy, our team can examine each strategy carefully and design a new advertising plan for among the companies. The topic we have decided to write about is important because Zara and H& M happen to be wellknown companies that are well-known amongst small consumers. These companies are focused on heavily in most with the classes our company is taking, so learning about every marketing strategy can help educate all of us better in where they stand in the apparel market in reference to others we know regarding. Comparing Zara and H& M hopefully will give us a better understanding about both companies and just how we can produce their marketing plans better. All of us will research for this newspaper using a complete scope of those unfortunate resources available to us, in order to have the most complete research obtainable. We will certainly check the UNCG Library's databases, journals, e-encyclopedias, and utilize the research and citation guides for this paper. For three or more

this term paper, we will be specifically looking for materials relevant to the buyers and selling, marketing, and multicultural business fields. The most pertinent details will be positioned in the form of statistics, business profiles, customer data, and trade info. Some examples of research options our team will be utilizing happen to be: books, diary articles, magazine articles, encyclopedia articles, business databases and miscellaneous online sources including blog posts, and websites. Especially we will be exploring on customer, apparel, and retail related subject manuals and solutions. In arranging our daily news we will begin out providing an brief summary of the two companies, what we will highlight inside the rest of the daily news, and our plan to produce a marketing policy for one organization. In the following paragraphs all of us will give record about Zara and H& M so the reader includes a visual idea of what the businesses are all about. In that case we can break down the marketing strategies currently in place for each company. After the explanations of every strategy all of us will go in to detail regarding our fresh marketing plan for Zara and H& Meters. Each section about the businesses, marketing strategies, and our designed marketing program will be organized according to company name. So , all the Zara information will be grouped with each other and all the H& M information will be together so it will be easier for the viewers to read.


History of Zara Zara's record begins with all the owner organization, The Inditex Group. Inditex Group is known as a...

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