Bad Twins

 Essay about Evil Twins


Bad twins is a commonly used key phrase to describe a situation in which two Elements, of the identical name, are set up in two different types of the same index element.

Wicked twins tend to be created when two people add the same record to origin control at the same time. clearcase enables this to take place because the factor is actually referenced internally by simply its object id(OID) but not its name.

Former mate:

[email protected]@/main/1 sama dengan => foo. c added

[email protected]@/main/2 sama dengan => foo. c rmnamed

[email protected]@/main/3 sama dengan => foo. c added

We can make use of cleartool find command to locate either RECORD or DIRECTORY SITE elements which may be evil twin babies.

1 . the moment two documents are found with the same term in two different types of the listing, we can manage the cleartool dump command to see if the files are in fact different components.


foo. c ==> [email protected]@/main/1

foo. c ==> [email protected]@/main/3

Whenever we suspect foo. c might have an wicked twin, work theВ cleartool eliminate command for each and every file to discover the object designation (OID).

It is vital to address bad twins within our configuration at the earliest opportunity after discovering them, we have two ways to fix the problem.

1 . Rename one of the elements applying theВ cleartool mvВ command. 2 . Remove one of the factors using theВ cleartool rmelemВ command.

The very best solution to control the creation of nasty twins is always to implement a pre-operational triggerВ during the mkelem/ add to supply control operation.

The objective of the trigger would be to search the directory version tree pertaining to an element of a similar name prior to creation of the new aspect. В

The script utilized by the trigger will be required to look for two different documents, with the same name, in two or more distinct versions of the same directory.



A VOB object which is not visible because another thing with the same name happens to be selected by the view. В

The objects that turn into eclipsed most frequently are factors. An eclipsed element is established...