Utilitarianism and Happiness

 Essay in Utilitarianism and Happiness

The philosophical theory that we choose to do is referred to as " utilitarianism”. In a short sentence, utilitarianism means the greatest good for the very best number of people. Essentially what this means is, performing the right factor is based on who your actions benefits instead of how much it benefits you. According to the Oxford American Dictionary utility means " the state of being valuable, profitable, or beneficial”(oxford dictionary, 2013). The full theory is centered on how much it benefits and just how useful or profitable a task or a concept is. By way of example: if eradicating one legal brings on happiness to a hundred people, then eliminating that one criminal is not just a bad thought. Simply because that makes one hundred people happy. According to utilitarian's the best goal or maybe the most important part of life is to get happiness. Nevertheless the happiness that you seek should never only gain you, but it has to benefit a large sum of the persons. This is referred to as the " greatest pleasure principle”(Wikipedia, Feb, 11, 2013). Now this is an essential idea of utilitarianism, but it will branch out in the different path due to a large number of philosophers that thought of this theory. Utilitarianism is certainly not discovered by just one person, it can made up of a large number of ideas from many different philosophers.

Although many people believe that utilitarianism started with Jeremy Bentham and Steve Stuart Generator, there were philosophers that came plan similar suggestions as utilitarianism. Before we all talk about the authors with this theory, we should really understand the history of utilitarianism and how this came to be. Back in history when ever humans made writing in the Sumerian World of the Old Babylon, the ancient Mesopotamian people published a poem/story called the " Legendary of Gilgamesh” about a companionship between Gilgamesh and Enkidu. In this story there's a character by the name of Siduri that tells Gilgamesh " Fill the belly. Day and night make cheerful. Let times be full of joy. Boogie and make music time and...



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