Tyco Example

 Tyco Example Essay

Sherri Calvert

Module a few

Tyco Worldwide:  Command Crisis in corporate Ethics.  1 .  What role performed Tyco's business culture be in the scandal? Tyco's corporate traditions would have recently been led by the CEO, Dennis Kozlowski. Since Kozlowski appreciated the more luxurious luxuries in life he designed that in to his command of the firm. By doing so this individual set the cultural foundation of the company. The best of any company has control of the corporate ethnic. If a leader values his own profits and way of life above what is best for all others than which will have a negative impact on the business as a whole not only him. Had Kozlowski recently been more concerned with all the positive wellbeing of the organization and its stakeholders he would not be spending the others of his life in Prison. Becoming a selfish leader will only possess dire outcomes that not just impact one's self in a negative way but it affects the entire company as well.  2.  How performed Dennis Kozlowski have the opportunity to stead $137 mil in illegal bonuses? Kozlowski had a chance to steal the $137 mil because he basically had control of everything and everyone involved in the organization. He was paying out people off to help hide the lacking funds. Kozlowski strategically located the " right” people where he needed them, and could control their particular moves. This individual chose him team thoroughly and made sure they were folks who would stay quiet as long as they were reaping in the benefits as well. Having been very well aware about what he was doing but he did not see it to be " wrong”. Some place in his mind he would have known it was wrong or else he wouldn't have got tried to cover his tracks. Since he previously a lot of control over every factor of the corporation this enabled him to get away with stealing the amount of money as long as this individual did.  3.  Why can be Kozlowski, now a captive for a long time, unrepentant about his conduct while CEO of Tyco?

Kozlowski is unrepentant because he feels that what he performed...



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