Tshirt Printing Feasibility

 Tshirt Printing Feasibility Composition


Nowadays, almost all people suffer from the high price and ongoing increasing of prices of all the products especially in the country, even the garments and accessories that we get in the market. For this reason , people, individuals who are supposed to be in the school C, look for alternatives that are more affordable. " Tiangge” is one of the places where people can find one of the most affordable clothing that they can get. But facing the reality, high percentage in the garments bought from places like this does not have the high quality regular that customers are looking for. Printed T-shirts, which is the main topic of this analyze, also stumbles up on their increasing cost, which is why we now have come up with a product that can replace with other shirts that we have on the market, the personalized printed t shirts, bags, components, etc . Colleges like CLSU have their university or college shirts or organizational tshirts, which is sometimes used by the students as their outfits. Our business is concentrating on this chance for us to give them a uniquely designed tshirts that will would be the appreciated by the students. Furthermore, we as well aim to produce our outstanding printing providers personally designed for such situations all year round in the vicinity of Muñoz, Nueve Ecija additionally nearby areas like San Jose Metropolis, Nueva Ecija. Presence of human labor in Muñoz, Nueva Ecija for development has made our business' desired goals possible.


We aim to become one of the main manufacturers, programmer, and provider of custom-made printed t-shirts using good quality materials with extra benefits to the consumers.


Live and letВ live company foresees itself as theВ number a single manufacturerВ of top quality shirts throughout the Philippines.


The objective of we are to beВ more competitive in theВ market also to be the primary manufacturer and supplier of customized t shirts in the Korea.


Individuals have been portrait on cloth for thousands of years, basically since people started rotating and weaving cloth fibers collectively to make the first fabrics. Techniques that were accustomed to decorate your body began to be applied to the earliest fabric that were produced. Two simple methods emerged: coloring (directly applying an image with color to the fabric) and patterning (painting orВ printing with withstands in habits and then colour the fabric). The place of Asia has a long history of designing fabrics. Printing blocks have been discovered that may date back to around 3 thousands BC! By simply 327 BC when Alexander the Great invaded India, colorfully printed and painted textiles were commonly found. Since trade paths began to develop, these kinds of beautifully designed Indian materials were traded throughout Asia, Egypt and Greece. In the second 100 years AD they will made their way to European countries and Africa. At the same time in China, fabulous block stamping on cloth was taking place. The China introduced resist and stencil techniques to Asia. The Japanese designed this skill into beautiful forms of patterning on fabric. In Peru, there have also been found some very early cases (around 200 BC) of resist tactics. SimilarВ techniques had been developing into unique varieties in these across the globe and have progressed into what we should know today as batik, tie-dye and shibori. LOGO


We have produce the business brand " UNICO”, from its English term exceptional, since our focus is usually to create expert designs. Uniqueness is one big element in buying garments. People always want to be excellent, to be totally different from others particularly when it comes in clothes. Designs can be in a type of letters, drawings, pictures, and so forth, that will be developed in the computer system. The associates of this business will be creating exclusive patterns and even buyers will have the possibility to give their very own personal models to the associates.


Our organization conceptualized a production venture that will be a producer of...



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