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This kind of report examines the provision of cheque services by Bank of China (Hong Kong) and evaluates the need for providing these kinds of a service. Many, if only a few, banks present this services. Nevertheless the report's aim is usually to overlook this kind of tradition and present an insight into whether a lender should really be providing this kind of service. The Bank Wide Operation Department is in charge of the bank's cheque eradicating process. An employee member using this department was interviewed about the cheque solutions. The statement reviews the current system create to deal with cheques and forecasts what the long term holds to get a cheque support providing bank. Investigation with the current system reveal conditions that are found in control cheques such as time delay and management complications which usually bring up the question of continuing the provision of cheque companies. Further findings include The Repayments Council's programs to get rid of cheques by the year 2018. Nevertheless, the cheque remains to be favourable to certain categories of consumers who also do not have personal bank accounts. Several recommendations are manufactured overcome the problems faced the moment providing the cheque companies. There is several truth in the belief that cheques to be used for at least another decade and corporations' long term decisions ordinarily do not cover long time periods due to the speedily changing nature of the economy. The recommended alternative is a prepaid card system. If the lender is successful in implementing this method, to the degree to which this gets while famous because the talon system, there might be significant improvements to the bank's performance. One other recommendation is definitely the coding system which is a customization of the cheque system that employs more advanced technology. These recommendations will be suggested after predicting what the future may well hold for the bank's check service department. Contents

one particular Introduction

The cheque is a document and is used as being a method of repayment in which the payer orders his or her bank to produce a specified sum of money in his/her bank account towards the payee. According to the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), 500, 500 cheques had been processed each day amounting to 31 billion dollars dollars in Hong Kong (" Payment, eradicating and pay out systems in Hong Kong, " 2011). Cheque clearance has been an essential operation of a bank for so long as banks have been around. It is usually divided into inward and to the outside clearing. Assume Mr Brownish issues a cheque to Mr Green. Let Mr Brown's lender be FONEM and Mister Green's lender be XYZ. When Mister Green deposits the talon into his bank, XYZ would transfer details of the cheque to ABC by way of an intermediary. This process is recognized as outward clearing in XYZ's perspective. Once ABC will get the information about the cheque and manages the eradicating from there onwards it is known as inward cleaning in ABC's perspective. Lender of China and tiawan (Hong Kong) has 260 branches and it is one of the 3 note giving banks in Hong Kong. Your bank processes normally 240, 1000 cheques each day. The physique can reach 360, 000 during getaways, and the days and nights in the beginning and end of months. Your bank Wide Procedure Department in Bank of China (Hong Kong) is set up to handle daily cheque orders as well as other routine operational actions. This record analyses the cheque support of a bank in the point of view of Bank of Chinese suppliers (Hong Kong). Furthermore, the goal of this record is to try to identify the actual future retains for cheques and to recommend methods of coping with the demands that may arise in the future for a check service rendering bank.

two Current program

When a customer of Lender of China and tiawan (Hong Kong) issues a cheque, the payee cashes the check at the payee's bank. The payee's traditional bank may be different from Bank of China (Hong Kong). The method, in this case, comes with the additional purchase accommodated simply by Hong Kong Interbank Clearing Limited (HKICL) to be able to transfer cash between Financial institution of Cina...

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