Theory of Cultural Development

 Essay about Theory of Social Expansion

Theory of Sociable Development

Complete Outline from the Theory technically

N. Asokan

Table of Contents

Part I Introduction

Chapter 2 Infrastructure

Chapter III Amounts of Comprehension, Enjoyment, Values, Thinking and Motives

Chapter IV Model of Eight Levels of Growth

Chapter Sixth is v Conclusion

Part I


For the scholar, development is a particular activity of world seen in selected periods. For the interpersonal being costly ever-present, non-stop activity whose intensity may differ with times and conditions. This is true of survival, growth, development and evolution. These are all the same activity at underlying with differing degrees of strength, intensity, company, result and aims. For this reason , we declare these several phenomena can be found in each of them. Evolution could be termed as fast moving survival and survival is usually evolution in its slowest pace.

Development begins as a exercise. The energy produced by the physical is always the minimum and the mindful awareness of the being is additionally at the least expensive in the physical and maximum in the brain. The true center of energy is important. It is the vital that stimulates the body as well as the mind. Even now, the physical work releases the energy in low amounts. Mind, simply by lending it is comprehension to the vital, is capable of energising it several-fold. As the expansion experience began with the physical and essentially remains in this plane, expansion is automatically slow and unconscious.

Gentleman, having started his your life in the body and never in the head, experiences job and your life. Body is not really conscious and is subconscious. It learns by doing. Learning works doing. This is also so since existence and survival force man to behave and to do. He has to eat, beverage and sleep. His take action of ingesting over the decades makes him learn how to collect food more efficiently. The persuasive need of thirst pieces him in quest of water. He cannot wait around to learn regarding food and drink. Long practical experience contributes to knowledge of the process. That is authentic till at this point. The urban centers man has generated, the religion he jumped to, the science he has discovered and all he has achieved today will be achievements in experience, certainly not experiences that issued out of knowledge.

A few thousand a lot of man's living which is studded with rich experiences never have led him to know the knowledge-basis of the people experiences. Medical theory features recent origin. No theory of history is usually yet given birth to. Science is striving its best to identified itself on the theory. As for social advancement, we do not have got any signals of thinkers trying to progress a theory. Hundreds of theories have been discovered and have attained social popularity, but they are of partial phenomena, rather a specific phenomenon. There will be not any theory or even an attempt in it.

As man begins his encounters in the physical plane and moves to the vital and mental planes later, a theory may emerge only when his activities reach the mental aircraft. They have not as yet reached that elevated, hopeful plane. What has occurred is the physical plane is getting saturated with physical encounters. Saturation causes maturity and maturity will certainly lead to moving to the bigger planes. A theory can only emerge if the experiences reach the mental plane.

The world's developing experience have not only over loaded the physical plane in many countries although also has over loaded the vital plane. As both airplanes are approaching saturation, the mind can action. Perhaps only when the whole of humanity is basically covered by physical experience does the mind sail into action.

As any potential problems of the physical and vital planes will be exhausted, condensed and the aircraft are older with experience, it is time to evolve a theory. Also, in the past person has never experimented with development as a conscious work. The a huge selection of developmental failures are an sign that not any conscious look at has been resorted to. This again can be an indication the fact that time has...



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