The Three Theoretical Methods

 The Three Assumptive Approaches Essay

Theoretical Article

The Three Assumptive Approaches

twenty-two. 04. '08


From this essay I possess looked at three theoretical techniques, The Person Centered, The Psychodynamic and The Cognitive Behaviourist methods. I have done this throughout the theoretical knowledge gained in class and through my own personal research, triad/diad practice and the life and experiences and just how they relate to the theory.

I have taken every theory, plus the knowledge I've gained, and exactly how this pertains to me within my own your life. I have viewed the triad/diad practice I've undertaken for each and given examples of the way i have demonstrated theory through the use of skill, also how this written for the process of the counsellor/client marriage.

The Person-centred Approach

The Person-Centred Way was developed by psychologist Doctor Carl Rogers. It's a humanistic, non-directive type of therapy, in which the therapist facilitates the client inside the here and now doing work through all their issues by walking with them. In Roger's theory he presumed that there was six circumstances that are necessary for therapeutic change to take place. Including The Three Main Conditions: • Congruence is being a genuine whole person who is usually comfortable with their particular personal experience, positive and negative. • Empathy, to sense the client's exclusive world and walk with them through their concerns, without more than identifying and making the session about the counsellor. • Unconditional Positive Respect, no conditions of approval, being because open to the negative aspect of the client because the positive. There is the contract, developed between your client as well as the counsellor. The client should be incongruent and the counsellor should be congruent. The key conditions happen to be said to be a way of being and is demonstrated by counsellor by making use of skills just like: • Paraphrasing is if the counsellor relays spoken content back to the customer in their own words, and also the counsellors to offer a different or better point of view. • Highlighting is if the counsellor feelings the thoughts behind used content and relays these people back to the client. • Summarising is if the counsellor usually takes all the posts of the session at any point and puts all of them together; it can be used to support the client to make connections. • Silence is employed to assist expression on content material and that may have been experienced during the session. Providing the client time for you to think, method feelings and compose themselves and find the text to go on. It might be uncomfortable, but being able to sit down with it is going to benefit the task. • Minimal encouragers are used when the client is identifying their concerns, they can be as easy as a jerk of the visit show the fact that counsellor is definitely following what has been explained, or simple yes, and, then, or maybe repeating a simple phrase. • Open inquiries are used to ensure that the client clear and check out there problems. These are issue that can not be responded with a basic yes or no. by the way the fact that question can be worded the counsellor can facilitate your customer in discovering aspects of right now there issues by a deeper or fresh prospective, inside the hope of bringing quality. • Concentrating is a very important part of the counselling procedure. Where in most settings you will find limitations punctually and length the counsellor need to composition the periods into a commencing where the introductions/greeting are done and once the contract can be arranged and can be corrected, also the customer will be able to identify their concerns. The middle of the session is definitely where the issues are explored with exhibition of theory by the use of expertise. The finishing is if the counsellor will whine down the session simply by informing the client that time is definitely coming to an end and offer them enough time to prepare with this and if there may be anything that they need to say they are going to have the time to do so, which means client is not kept hanging or stuck in a job bad place. With...

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