The Justice Game - Real truth Essay

 The Justice Game -- Truth Composition

•How does the criminal prosecution and protection each represent the truth? •Values and thinking of the participants?

•Robertson's principles and portrayal of the real truth?

Truth can be represented in differing techniques according to the beliefs and attitudes of the character whose manifestation of truth is being portrayed. Throughout Geoffrey Robertson's The Justice Game the rebatir is certain to accept the composer's rendering of fact through the use of creating techniques including the short account structure, Robertson's social status, various terminology techniques, meaning and the make use of examples and quotations to support Robertson's transactions. The perspective on truth held by the various other participants in each trial is even so also included. The term ‘truth' identifies accurately inserting information relative to fact or reality. The ‘truth' in The Justice Game is essentially regarding revealing to its readers " Precisely what is kept from your public, and what the open public wish to be retained from”. Each case was chosen simply by Robertson to supply different illustrations of the ‘truth' based on distinct values and attitudes. The short tale structure allows many themes relevant to culture to be coherently included in one text. Through the eyes of Robertson individuals have the opportunity to begin to see the ‘truth' in these highly publicised cases in the perspective of a learned and involved guy. Robertson is definitely assumed to be a reliable way to obtain truth by the average reader, because he is a celebrated legal professional and has been chosen to stand for people since high profiled as the " Queen of Wales”. The genre and format of the textual content represent specific qualities to the reader, combined with social status of Robertson which in turn, action to influence them that what is drafted is true.

" The Tests of Oz” is a case that occurred in 1971 against Richard Neville, Jim Anderson, and Felix Dennis, publishers of the famous underground Ounce magazine. The controversy came about from the prosecution's perspective the material inside the magazine was detrimental and corruptive to society of that time. Especially the amusing strip satirizing Rupert the Bear elaborately renamed Rupert the Uncovered, and a tiny advertisement titled Suck. The prosecution represents the truth through a traditional way of attack that shows Leary's Victorian picture. Brian Leary representing the prosecution draws on the jury's traditional backdrop to make these people empathize together with his perspective of the truth that the Oz mag was a great indecent content. Leary discredits witnesses with his " insinuatingly effective” cross- examinations. The defense and Oz magazine were branded as the ‘alternative society' in order to give up them in the jury's head, and to make the jury experience unwilling to belong to the defence and therefor the ‘alternative society'. The prosecution feels which the ‘alternative society' has no value for the accepted principles and thinking of ‘normal society'. The ‘alternative society' is defined to praise sex until it reaches the greatest stage of " screwing on the streets”. This is among the the generalisations made which portray the ‘alternative society' as unsightly and distasteful to be a element of. The Protection on the other hand, make use of high profiled witnesses and statistics, like the pornography study conducted in married couples, to highlight the undamaging nature with the Oz journal. John Mortimer representing the defence, undermines the seriousness of the trial through his permissive frame of mind towards your life. The protection lightens the atmosphere with comical humor such as the moment Leary asked Dixon just how old he thought Rupert the Uncovered was, he replied " I'm rather than an expert in determining Bears' ages… you may be more familiar in the field? ” This helps with reducing the seriousness from the accusations. He trivialises the magazine by simply referring to it as a " schoolboy prank” or " cheeky criticism”, and thus substantially plays throughout the charges. The language technique of using humour makes the complete trial...



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