the Irtysh River

 the Irtysh River Composition

Environ Geol (2006) 55: 717–723

DOI 10. 1007/s00254-006-0244-y


Zbynek Hrkal

Alain Gadalia

Pierre Rigaudiere

Received: 18 January 2006

Accepted: 27 Feb . 2006

Published online: twenty-two March 2006

Г“ Springer-Verlag 2006

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S. Rigaudiere

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Will the river Irtysh survive the year 2030?

Influence of long-term unsuitable area use

and water managing of the top stretch

with the river catchment (North Kazakhstan)

Abstract The Irtysh lake basin every

the way by river planting season in Chinese suppliers

across Kazakhstan as far as the

Russian element of Siberia is probably the

most environmentally endangered and

affected areas on the earth. The

study provides a summary of the

historical reasons for anthropological interventions in this area, which began with the development of

crops of the military—industrial

complexes inside the forties of the last

hundred years during World War II. These

plants have a major share in extreme

large concentrations of heavy precious metals

in surface as well in groundwaters

regionally. The Semipalatinsk nuclear

polygon plays a specific part as a

way to obtain contamination of local

marine environments. The release of top secret info

enabled all of us to gain information about

Introduction: a summary of major environmental issues

The catchment with the river Irtysh is one of the most significant in

the world. The riv rises inside the Altai pile range of

Chinese suppliers and flows through the north Kazakhstan; it

crosses the border with Russia southern of the city of

Omsk. Their waters carry on and the north and empty into

the Arctic Water. The degree of the pot up to the

Russian border is 596, 500 km2, which 55, nine hundred km2

cover the spring area in China (Fig. 1). Recently, this

1, 906 km-long stretch from the Irtysh water up to the

Russian border offers emerged like a serious environmental

threat which may become a warm political concern.

The biggest and long applicable problem is the quality

of drinking water. The area in northern Kazakhstan is world

serious challenges related to substantial

radioactivity of groundwaters,

which should spread uncontrollably

through a system of secondary п¬Ѓssures activated by nuclear blasts. Another serious problem in this region is a quantitative part of contamination. Model simulations

of water balance indicate that large

industrial development in the spring

area in China and tiawan and continually

increasing water consumption in

Kazakhstan can result in desiccation

from the lower stretch of this huge river

in Siberia throughout the summer

several weeks of 2030.

Keywords Irtysh basin Г†

Water top quality Г† Radioactive

contamination Г† Heavy metals

contamination Г† Water equilibrium

famous because of the Semipalatinsk elemental polygon

in which at п¬Ѓrst nuclear blasts occurred on the surface and

later underground in the period 1946–1969 if the

region was an integral part of the former Soviet Union. Of

a similar reach and importance is definitely the Chinese polygon

Lob Neither whose impact strongly affected the environment

of the spring part of the river Irtysh. However , at present,

the high concentrations of heavy metals coming from the

regional industry paradoxically pose the danger than

the radioactivity of regional waters. During the World Conflict

II, a strong volume of equipment produced by the

former Soviet Union was transferred to the area of the

higher Irtysh to the cities Leninogorsk, Ust Kamenogorsk

and Semipalatinsk—the impact by these pose a terrible

environmental burden.


interim effects of data digesting obtained as a result of

monitoring and giving a diagnosis of advancement

of the hydrological regime.

Normal conditions with the Irtysh...

References: Burnash RJC (1995) The NWS lake forecast system—catchment modelling. In:

Singh VP (ed) Pc models of

Dukhovnikov VB (1998) Monitoring of

groundwater quality in Ust Kamegorsk

place (in Russian). Final survey, Hydrotekhservis. Ust Kamenogorsk

Hrkal Z, Gadalia A, Jucker C (2001) Contamination of groundwaters simply by heavy

Presque Geol forty one: 174–182

Iskakov T, TouleoubaД±ВЁ ev N (2003) Analysis of the indivisible explosion influence on



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