The City Rights Movement

 The Detrimental Rights Motion Essay

The City Rights Motion

The city rights movement was a time period when blacks attempted to gain their constitutional rights that they were becoming deprived. The movement has occurred from your 1950's to the current, with applications like Yes Action. Many were annoyed with the way the city rights activity was being performed in the 1950's. As a result, an individual assassinated the best choice of the motion, Dr . Martin Luther King Jr. Many blacks were infuriated as of this death and so there were severe riots in almost 90 cities. President Johnson then appointed a committee named The Kerner Commission to analyze the municipal rights activity. They determined the following: " We are moving toward two societies-one light and 1 black, individual and bumpy. " There exists some real truth to the Kerner Commission survey, but on the whole the civil rights activity has been a accomplishment because blacks are better off now than they were prior to it started.

The Kerner Commission report has some fact when it comes to blacks and governmental policies, but general the movement was a success because blacks have attained more see than before that they began. Prior to the movement, blacks had almost no political electric power due to regulations designed to stop blacks by voting, just like poll fees, literacy assessments and the Grandfather Clause. As well when several blacks traveled to vote, people simply wouldn't let them register. Due to not enough voting ability, no blacks were chosen into business office and therefore, blacks had zero say in the government. Also, blacks are not allowed to serve on juries, yet these were almost always located guilty in court, set up evidence was clearly against them. For example , years ago a boy in Georgia broke in a school of stealing an goodies. While he should have become a few hours of community services, he acquired three years in jail just because he was dark-colored. A fact to the Kerner Commission survey that occurs today is that blacks are not getting represented in Congress proportionally. While 12% of U. S....



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