Tenses of Verb

 Tenses of Verb Composition

The Simple Present Tense-Expresses a habit or often repeated action. Adverbs of consistency such as, often , seldom, sometimes, never, and so forth are used with this tight. Also conveys general truths.

Ex. They constantly eat lunch time together.

Snow falls in December in Mn

The Present Progressive-This tense can be used to describe a task that is developing right now (at this minute, today, this season, etc . ). occurring in the present, but can be temporary.

Former mate. She is typing a paper for her course.

John is usually living in Discreto, but he might move shortly.

The Simple Past- indicate accurately when an action or celebration took place in the past. used to describe actions and/or events that are now accomplished and no much longer true in today's.

Ex. We visited my sister the other day.

I went to MJC more than a decade ago. (I no longer attend MJC. )

The Past Progressive- utilized to talk about a task that is at progress in a specific stage of time in past times. The emphasis is around the duration of the experience in the past. demonstrate that one action was in progress when one other action occurred.

EX. I had been studying intended for an exam while my personal mother was cooking supper. We were going for walks in the park around six p. m. last night.

I used to be taking a bath when the doorbell grad.

The Present Best -used to talk about an event that began in past times and proceeds up to the present. used to speak about an event that was completed in the past, nevertheless the specific moments of the event can be not essential.

Ex. He has lived in Modesto for two years.

(He commenced living in Modesto two years back and he still lives there. ) He has visited Vietnam.

(Specific dates and moments are not described. )

Present Perfect Modern -used to explain the life long an action that began before and proceeds into the present. used to illustrate events which have been in progress lately and are somewhat temporary.

Ex girlfriend or boyfriend. He continues to be studying sentence structure for an hour or so.

(He is still studying. )

She has lived in Taiwan for the last two...



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