Skeletal System

 Skeletal System Essay

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3/19 - 3/20/13

The skeletal system comes with all of the bone tissues and important joints in the body. Every single bone is actually a complex living organ that is made up of many cells, necessary protein fibers, and minerals. The skeleton provides a scaffold by giving support and protection intended for the smooth tissues that comprise the rest of the body. The skeletal system contains all of the our bones and bones in the body. Every bone is a complex living organ that may be made up of various cells, healthy proteins fibers, and minerals. The skeleton provides a scaffold by giving support and protection to get the very soft tissues that comprise the rest of the body. The main work of the skeleton is to provide support intended for our body. With out your skeleton your body would collapse in a heap. The skeleton can be strong yet light. With out bones you'd be just a puddle of epidermis and guts on the floor. Your skeleton can help protect your internal organs and fragile human body tissues. The mind, eyes, cardiovascular system, lungs and spinal cord are all protected from your skeleton. The cranium (skull) protects your brain and sight, the steak protect your heart and lungs and your vertebrae (spine, backbones) safeguard your spinal cord. Each bone has a task and that bone fragments has to do this job. Bones provide the framework for muscle groups to attach to ensure that our bodies have the ability to move. Muscles are difficult inelastic artists that hold affix muscle to bone. A standard bone has an outer layer of hard or compact bone, which can be very strong, thick and tough. Inside this is a coating of mushy bone, which can be like honeycomb, lighter and slightly flexible. In the middle of some bones can be jelly-like bone tissue marrow, wherever new cells are one particular

constantly staying produced to get the blood. Calcium supplement is an important nutrient that bone tissue cells ought to stay strong so keep drinking that low-fat dairy! Bones are tough and generally don't make your money back when we have some pretty negative falls. I'm certain you have cracked a big stay at one time. When you first try to break the stick it bends a bit but...



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