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Raymond Force

Mrs. Sockey

Eng. 12c c


Violent game titles

Do you believe that violence in video games can or may cause violence in young children? Statistics show that juvenile crime rates took place almost fifty percent when video games fist came out. I believe that violence in video games will not induce assault in children. Violent games

Do not induce violence in adolescents

The topic I i am covering is the fact violent videogames do NOT induce violence in young adults/children. Physicist David Deutsch says that games are very good for the children. He also says that videogames create a world of learning that is much better than most ebooks, because of just how interactive they can be. Video games certainly are a breakthrough in human traditions (glazer, 2). Meaning that there were nothing close to videogames in every of human history, there were ebooks, and ahead of that there was clearly no learning device apart from speech or perhaps doing it your self. There is simply a history of this controversy provided that video games have been around, yet shorter than that since in videogames early years there was almost no assault in most with the games. Like pong by way of example you would only hit a ball back and forth, sounds uninteresting right however in actuality it were so popular in its day time then anything better replaced it (glazer, 2). A never ending sequence where games will only improve as time goes on. This is an arguable issue due to belief that video games will be bad for you however there was and it is no proof that video games are bad for your health. This has been a problem for about provided that the N64 has been around. The 2 sides in the issue are that violent video games will be bad for kids and those violent video games are good/ok intended for children(glazer, 2). Now I think that very small children should not play violent game titles because they are annoying during online play. You need to be a certain era to play online as well thus they are also being given usernames and passwords. However poor that is I actually still...

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