Sacagawea Essay


Sacagawea was an adventurous and brave woman. During her your life she journeyed with Lewis and Clark simon. She will always be remembered if you are and interpreter on the expedition to find the Southwest Passage towards the Pacific Ocean.

Sacagawea was born in 1790, in a Shoshone American indian village about what is now Montana. Her dad was the Of india chief. The Shoshones had been known as the Leather Nation and settled about the Rocky Mountains. They were incredibly good horsemen, buffalo seekers, and reckless warriors. Their enemies had been the Blackfeet, Atsinas and the Hidatsas. The Shoshone got luscious flatlands in a little valley. The family lived in a tepee.

The only noted sibling of Sacagawea was her brother, Cameahwait, who also later became the chief of the tribe. Your woman had a very special marriage with him. Later, this individual helped the expedition by the supplying associated with horses they will badly required to cross the Rocky Mountain range.

When Sacagawea was 11 years old the lady was used into captivity by the Hidatsas as a servant. One night when her master was playing a, he had with her to a guy named Toussaint Charbonneau in payment of him winning. When Sacagawea was fifteen she hitched Charbonneau, who had been a French-Canadian fur dealer.

As a tiny girl, she worshiped a large number of spirits since did most Indians. Shortly after turning thirteen years old your woman became a Christian. Charbonneau had educated her about Jesus.

She had two children, one called Jean Baptiste, which means Ruben the Baptist (he was usually called Pompey) and another named Lisette that died when she was only two ears old. After Sacagawea died Captain William Clark adopted her two children. Right after Jean Baptiste was eighteen years old, this individual traveled to Philippines. There Pompey met Duke Paul Wilhelm, then intended for five years lived in the duke's building and a few years even journeyed the world with all the duke.

Along with Charbonneau, Sacagawea was an interpreter for Lewis and Clark simon on the Expedition to find the Southwest Passage towards the...



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