Strengths and Weaknesses of Demographic Changeover Model

 Strengths and Weaknesses of Demographic Change Model Essay

п»їDiscuss Strengths and Weaknesses with the Demographic Move Model

The Demographic Transition Model is actually a partially simple fact based, partly theoretical model that reveals birth, fatality rates and population with time. There are five different levels involved in it many every country applies to a specific one of those stages, for example The USA is currently in stage four as its labor and birth and loss of life rates are quite low and constantly overpowering each other even though the population continues to be rising moderately quickly. Similar to model they have its advantages and its disadvantages.

In terms of studying the chart, it is very guaranteed clear in terms of the way it truly is put together visually and the foundation the theory on its own. It is especially good while every region can be put into it and has a specific level that pertains to it, whether it is the USA in Stage 5 or Afghanistan in Level 2 . It is additionally very very good as almost all countries concerning it means the fact that population change of countries in the foreseeable future can believed with sensible accuracy. The model may also be added to once countries begin to go into the unavoidable but as of yet not known stages six and six the model can be updated with ease. Because of its accuracy, the actual current stage of a country could also allow you to quickly see the history of its human population very well.

The diagram has its defects however. One of these is that despite it applying well to the majority of countries, some are developing incredibly rapidly with a good example staying South Korea which though experiencing the phases, has done a great deal faster than would be predicted due to almost overnight advancements in market and treatments which has helped my its vast Americanisation. Another issue is that the diagram supposedly reveals development, together with the countries in the later phases being one of the most developed. On the other hand due to social or faith based reasons various countries which might be very developed have large birth costs which means they can't progress to the later periods. Many countries...



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