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 Pronoun and Noun Key phrase Essay

A phrase is a band of related words that does not will include a subject and verb. (If the band of related terms does include a subject and verb, it can be considered a clause. ) There are several different varieties of phrases. Focusing on how they are constructed and how that they function in a sentence can bolster a writer's self-confidence in writing sentences that are sound in framework and different in type. NOUN EXPRESSION A noun phrase consists a noun (obviously) and any linked modifiers: • • •

The very long and turning road A noun term any connected modifiers

The modifiers that accompany a noun can take a variety of forms and combination of varieties: adjectives, certainly (" the tall and brilliant professor" ); a participial key phrase (" the street following the advantage of the frosty lake" ); an infinitive phrase (" the 1st man to walk on the moon" ); a modifying clause (" the business presentation that he previously made your day before" ); and prepositional phrases (" the building following to the resort, over by highway" ). [See below pertaining to definitions of participial, infinitive, and prepositional phrases. ] Generally, a noun phrase will be all of a piece, all the phrases that create it getting contiguous with all the noun alone. It is possible, however , for a noun phrase to become broken, to be what we call discontinuous. Sometimes area of the noun phrase is late until the end of the sentence so that that portion of the phrase (usually modifying keyword phrases — participial or prepositional) can obtain end pounds or target. In our initially example, for instance (noun expression in darker red), •

Several accidents have been reported involving individuals falling coming from trains.

we're able to have put the entire noun phrase collectively: " Many accidents involving passengers dropping from trains have been reported recently. " Shifting the modifying terms of the red-colored part of the phrase to the end puts added emphasis on that part. Here are a few other examples: •


• •

A chisme circulated among the list of staff that...



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