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Bonus Lessons & Praying

" Day time 8 to 14 Prayers”

WARNING: You should do NOT discuss this material with anyone (except your immediate family) devoid of my indicated written permission. Violating this one rule could potentially cause your praying to be impeded!

21-Day Prayer Marathon Continues…

Week two

Congratulations intended for completing Week 1 prayers.

Remember to send in your dream summary SOON.

With this Week a couple of, we transfer to a sizzling theater of battle... in which the spoils of war consist of, among other things, an enormous release of finances that were stolen via God's people and caged for ages... departing most Christian believers wondering if God genuinely answers praying when it comes to funds! Our strategy for the next seven days is going to be different than what we all used in Week I.

So please read this cautiously...

There are some prayers here that the enemy would not want you to know about. Since you will definitely discover freedom by simply praying these people passionately and aggressively... especially financial freedom.

You need serious personal preparation to benefit maximally from the prayers of the up coming 7 days.

These kinds of prayers are so important that you need to gird your loins and put on your

struggle gear...

In the first place, you are going to consider some violent prayer factors.

1 . My spouse and i plead the blood of Christ over every department of my life and family in the name of Jesus.

installment payments on your (Please lay one hand with your head as well as the other a single on your chest, while you take this particular plea point... in a manner you've never prayed before) My spouse and i dismantle every single satanic investment upon my life in the name of Jesus. Praise the Lord!

Let's in short , examine for what reason we

are taking off similar to this...

You see, our company is taking the battle to the castle of the foe - the waters. That's where the majority of the blessings with the people of God have already been captured and caged.

With a group of wicked entities

referred to as water mood.

Because the virtues of many people including Christians are hidden in the marine (water) kingdom. Out of ignorance. Not known to many, these types of entities in the water control trade and commerce. Ezekiel 28 compared to 1-10 sheds more mild on this. They seek to control the economy and the flow pounds... in all international locations.

They are in the forefront in the fight against successful partnerships.

And they originate some of the most despicable blasphemies you hear these days... like the Da Vinci Code of some years ago.

The " Weil Vinci Code" and " The Secret” DVD, for example,

are nothing but the rallying cry of marine spirits up against the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Individuals who know a bit of history might recognize that the central meaning peddled with this kind of publication and DIGITAL VIDEO DISC has been around in a single form or the other because the 9th hundred years AD.

These times, owing to the ignorance of all modern Christian, they have repackaged these dreams into a big bestsellers...

They will seek to control the destinies of males and females... discourage them from worshiping JEHOVAH, the ONE TRUE GOODNESS... so they can rob God's blessings from them, and leave them destitute, frustrated, and even suicidal. Keep in mind the Bible says their assignment is... to steal, to kill and to destroy. And perhaps they are doing a good-job, if you ask me!

These are the tell-tale signs that a person is usually under the hold of these forces: п‚·

these kinds of a person would have difficulty living the Christian life


plea will be difficult


going on a fast will be impossible


gets angry beneath the slightest excitation


dreams of water will be...