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Background of the Study

Currently, technology has become part of our daily life. It offers assistance to every individual and sectors perform activity and daily routines; therefore, it becomes the center of all actions in a business or firm. This technology gives an edge in accomplishing our function and helps us attain quicker and trustworthy transactions. Manual works switched automated by using computerized program to provide correct result and lessen the task load and paper works in the organization. The emergence of computerized program brought big changes not only in the business world but also for the field of education. Almost all of the institutions right now used computerized system to provide fast and efficient services especially in the procedure for enrollment. Electronic Enrollment Strategy is very successful for faster purchase and in obtaining student details records. However there are still institutions that continuously use the manual system in registering fresh enrollees. Amongst of these establishments is the Pipisan Maug National High School, which up to now uses the manual system of enrollment.

In studying the enrollment means of Pipisan Maug National High school graduation, the specialist found out that through manual enrollment process, major complications exists such as: loss of documents, inaccuracy info and slow retrieval of data which causes hassle and workloads to the instructors. Due to this issue, Computerized Enrollment System was proposed. This technique was recommended to make info retrieval and data treatment easier, more quickly and more effective and successful. With this product, the deal time and documents will be reduced. It will also enhance the flow of enrollment procedure. The main reason for the said system is to help provide digital enrollment devices that can able track data, update info, store data and make data quickly and effective. To provide a safer system that could safeguard the knowledge and data of student. It also ensure that the school provide a faster and efficient service quality to the students.

The said project will be implemented in Pipisan Maug National High School showing the ramifications of using computerized enrollment information system rather than manual enrollment system. This system may help the school in providing a quality and effective service to their students.

The corporation

Organizational Graph


All of us dream of Filipinos who strong love their country and whose principles and competencies enable those to realize their particular full potential and bring about meaningfully to building the nation As a learner centered open public institution, the Department of Education continually improves itself to better serve its stakeholders


To protect and encourage the right of each Filipino to quality, fair, culture-based and basic education where: Learners learn in a child-Friendly, gender-sensitive, safe, and motivating environment. Teachers facilitate learning and constantly foster every learner. Administrator and staff, since stewards with the institution, make sure on permitting and supportive environment intended for effective learning to happen. Friends and family, Community, and other stakeholders are actively involved and share responsibility for developing life-long scholars.

Core values





Critical Achievement Factor

To supply access to top quality pre-school, general and supplementary education to school- old children.

To supply out-of-school youngsters and adults the opportunity to become functionally literate, acquire sustenance and cultural skills.

Goals of the Study

General Goal

To be able to reduce the manual method and minimize the workloads and time in enrollment, the team comes up with this kind of study of creating a system that will modernize the process of enrollment. This product will help reduce the workloads of the...



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