Online Attendance Tracker System of La Consolacion College Bacolod Integrated University

 Online Presence Tracker Approach to La Consolacion College Bacolod Integrated University Essay



Is Manual Attendance System reliable?

Now a day's many the Colleges and Universities uses manual attendance program in their university, manual presence system ensures that a lecturer would give a piece of attendance newspaper and pupils would examine their identity and then will certainly sign on this. At the end of sophistication, lecturer will take back the attendance conventional paper and keep it as a record. This way of obtaining the attendance would possibly end up being cheated and take time ahead of the class began. But because of the unstoppable development of technology in our country, as well as the inconsistent ideas of this generation, could still be the manual attendance system reliable? This question pushes the proponents to developed " Online Attendance Tracker Approach to La Consolacion College Bacolod Integrated School” this system is made to record college student attendance, keep an eye on daily school attendance and generate statement throughout the school year although all this will be done quickly. The system offers four (4) user's A. Administrator, M. Teacher, C. Guidance and D. Student that features differently. Manager account keeps every activity in the system, it can search student, look at reports and also other important function in the program. Teacher consideration is value to check the learners that is enrolled in his school and printing reports. Guidance account is usually use pertaining to searching pupil and student's logs intended for reference functions. Student bank account is make use of for the student to search his or her class logs and status in a subject that he/she is enrolled. The user term and security password for the students account is given to the scholar during the enrolment. Moreover the purpose of this study is to lessen or completely avoid problems that happened in manual attendance system. Using the automated attendance program will help La Consolacion University Bacolod when it comes to checking presence of their pupils and other factors attaches into it.

sixth is v


Preliminaries Page

Endorsement Sheet ii

Acknowledgement 3

Dedication iv

Abstract sixth is v

Table of Contents vi

List of Furniture and Statistics vii



Declaration of the Problem 3

Aims of the Analyze 4

Operational Framework 5

Significance from the Study 6

Scope and Limitation with the Study six

Definition of Conditions 7



Foreign Related Literature 15

Local Related Literature doze

Foreign Related Studies 12-15

Local Related Studies 18



Research Method 21 years old

Respondents with the Study twenty-two

Data-Gathering Instrument 22

Quality of the Data Gathering Device 23 Dependability of the Data Gathering Tool 24

Data-Gathering Procedure 24

Statistical Treatment 25



Tallied Study 26



Brief summary of Results, Conclusion and Recommendations 31


Requirement Standards 31

Conceptual Design of the device 31

Program Functionality thirty-two

Software Recommendation 33

Components Specification thirty four

Peopleware Specification 34


Program Methodology thirty five

System Examination and Style 36

Context Diagram (Proposed System) 37

Data Circulation Diagram (Level 1) 37...

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Time of Labor and birth: March twenty-three, 1992

Particular date of Labor and birth: December twenty one, 1990

Place of Birth: Bacolod City



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