Essay in Nibelungenlied


Nibelungenlied, or perhaps " Track of the Nibelungs, " was an epic composition about the betrayal and revenge of the Burgundian hoheitsvoll family. The poem was mostly very likely written in Austria through the early 13th century (Joe). The 1st part of the composition explores the storyline of Siegfried and Kriemhild, while the second part shows the story of Kriemhild's marriage and her revenge (" Nibelungenlied" ).

The epic started with the introduction of Kriemhild, the sibling of Ruler Gunther, Gernot and Giselher. Kriemhild told her family about her desire two silver eagles causing the death of the falcon that she brought up. The wish was viewed by her mother as being a premonition that her husband to be will suffer a draconic loss of life (Tennant).

Afterwards, the storyline transitioned towards the adventures of Siegfried, overhead prince of Xanten. His story started out with Siegfried's dragon slaying. Then, this individual bathed inside the dragon's blood to make him invincible. However , a tea leaf fell coming from a linden tree and landed in the back, making that area vulnerable: a story similar to the ancient Greek hero Achilles. In his introduction in the town of Earthworms, Siegfried helped Gunther in defeating the Saxons and Brunhild, the queen of Iceland. After their battle, Siegfried took the queen's ring and belt and gave those items to Kriemhild as marriage presents (Joe).

Years later, Brunhild's marriage to Gunther and Kriemhild's marital life to Siegfried created an argument on who have should receive the power to regulation Worms. This kind of obdurate challenge drove Hagen von Tronje, a devoted ally of Gunther, to kill Siegfried with a spear that targeted his weak spot (Galens).

The beginning of the second section starts with wedding of Kriemhild to King Etzel in the Huns. Kriemhild's invitation of her friends and family in Viruses established her revenge. During the feast, an open fight was initiated once Hagen decapitated Kriemhild and King Etzel's son, which caused the death of all Burgundians apart from Hagen and Gunther....



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