New JIT: Management Technology Principle at Toyota

 New JIT: Management Technology Principle for Toyota Dissertation

Int. L. Production Economics 80 (2002) 135–144

‘‘New JIT'': A brand new management technology principle at Toyota Kakuro Amasaka*, 1

Aoyama Gakuin University, 6-16-1, Chitosedai, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 157-8572, Japan

Subjective A future powerful global online marketer must develop an excellent top quality management system that impresses users and constantly provides excellent, quality items in a timely manner through corporate management. The author proposes New JIT, a new administration technology theory for production in the 21st century. New JIT consists of hardware and software devices as next-generation technical principles for modifying management technology into the managing strategy. The hardware program consists of the Toyota Promoting System (TMS), Toyota Advancement System (TDS) and Toyota Production System (TPS). These are the three primary elements necessary for establishing fresh management technology in the advertising, engineering and production categories. To improve function process, top quality of all partitions concerned with development, production and sales, the author proposes Toyota Total Quality Management utilizing Science SQC (TQM-S) because the software program. The author is convinced that New JIT's efficiency has been exhibited as defined herein based on the author's experience in Toyota. 3rd there�s r 2002 Printed by Elsevier Science N. V. Keywords: New JIT; Three core elements (TMS, TDS, TPS); TQM-S; Scientific research SQC

1 . Introduction The production technology principle Japan written for the world inside the latter half the 20th century was the Japanese-style production system typified by Toyota Creation System (TPS). This system was enhanced by the quality management technology principle generally termed as Just Over time (JIT). Today, however , advancements in the top quality of Japanese-style management technology principles are strongly preferred in the face of unexpected quality-related *Tel.: +81-3-5384-3795; fax: +81-3-5384-6500. Email address: kakuro [email protected] alternating current. jp (K. Amasaka). 1 The author was TQM Promotion General Director at Toyota and led the Toyota team throughout this analyze.

recall problems breaking out among commercial leaders, while at the same time delays in technical development cause corporations to experience entree of lifestyle (see Goto, 1999). To comprehend manufacturing of the most effective quality to get the customer in a rapidly changing technical environment, it is essential to make a core theory capable of changing the technological development function processes of development and design sections. Similarly, it is vital for the availability division to develop a new development technology basic principle and create new process management concepts to enable global production2 (Hayes and Wheelwright, 1984). The model of high-performance manufacturing (HPM Model) suggested by Hayes and Wheelwright (1984) is well known as a preceding research. 2

0925-5273/02/$ - see front matter l 2002 Posted by Elsevier Science W. V. PII: S 0 9 a couple of 5 - 5 a couple of 7 three or more ( 0 2 ) 0 zero 3 one particular 3 -- 4


K. Amasaka / Int. J. Development Economics 85 (2002) 135–144

Furthermore, fresh marketing activities independent via past encounter are required for sales and service sections to achieve firmer relationships with customers. In addition , a new quality management technology principle related to overall actions for bigger work process quality in every divisions is important for an enterprise to outlive. In this requirement for improvements, Toyota is no exemption. For this reason, mcdougal, anticipating the manufacturing with the next generation, has created a new managing principle called ‘‘New JIT'' as the next measure in the progression of conventional JIT. It is effectiveness is usually demonstrated in this paper.

Timely Q TQM (software) C better QCD level M (Before improvement) (After improvement)

Level up

Period (elapsed) TPS (hardware) Usage of SQC decreases fluctuations and raises the regular level of manufacturing quality. Fig. 1 ....

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