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CH. 2 – Crime Dunes, Fears and Social Reality (Kappeler)

We. Facts About Crime and Crooks

A. There is no crime wave in US

1 . victimization declining

M. Most crimes are minimal incidents

1 . not severe, violent or perhaps dangerous

C. Most crimes committed simply by those we trust most

D. Many do not entail use of tool

E. Many interracial

F. Government hides corporate crime, political offense and data corruption

II. Consistent Crime Record (UCR)

•Most commonly acknowledged measures of crime in US

A. Exaggerates significant crime

1 ) reported by neighborhood police depts

2 . zero 2 companies classify crime in the identical way

a few. gives misconception that road crime much more dangerous and common than it actually is B. Statistics could be manipulated

1 . subject to politics manipulation

installment payments on your police officials make crime rates rise or fall based on political exigencies 3. is usually data falsified??

III. National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS)

•Better method to obtain crime info

•Measures both equally reported and unreported offense

A. Regular decrease in violent and real estate crimes

1 ) violent offense down fifty-five. 4% and property offense down twenty four. 8%

2 . decreases aren't small or marginal plus they are consistent several. between 1993 & the year 2003 no crime category showed victimization boost

IV. Actuality of Criminal offense

A. Other people and offense

1 . NCVS data declares that fifty five. 5% of all violent offense victimizations were by " nonstrangers” N. Weapons, injury and criminal offense

1 . guns used in 24% of all chaotic crime

2 . use of guns declining

3. most violent victimizations do not require weapons

C. Race and crime

1 . media and politicians play on ingrained racism in ALL OF US

2 . mixte crime is incredibly rare

a. 73% light crimes victimized by white wines

b. 73% black criminal activity victimized by simply blacks

Versus. Crime Images

A. The media

1 . grossly distorts our view of offense

2 . press make chaotic crime seem normal and commonplace 3. primary and the most consistent way to obtain info on offense, criminals, crime control procedures and felony justice program for most People in america 4. seek out most incredible and unconventional crimes

a few. distorted insurance coverage leads to misinformed public

B. Crime-industrial Complicated

1 . criminal justice institution has a pecuniary interest in crime portrayed since serious and growing a. criminal justice complex engages approximately installment payments on your 3 , 000, 000 people installment payments on your enormous amounts of money, jobs and beurocratic survival depend on increasing worries about criminal offenses 3. policy decisions and jurisdictional problems

4. large and growing private crime-control industry

C. Invisible crime

1 . What about crime and victims of criminal rights officials, politics leaders and professionals? 2 . Corporate America, the medical community and military?

CH 3 – Myth and Fear of Absent Children (Kappeler)

I. Impacts of open public perception

A. The Nationwide Center pertaining to Missing and Exploited Children

1 . set up in 1984 as a private, nonprofit organization 2 . plan based on tales emphasizes and exaggerates one aspect of issue while ignoring others 3. linking absent with sexually exploited kids precipitates improved emotionalism and concern four. suffering of parents lends urgency to endorse groups

M. Media depictions

1 . provides false impression of magnitude of problem

2 . 2002 theme seemed to be kid abductions -> few cases were sensationalized and triggered a panic C. Children could be missing without having to be exploited or perhaps abused AND exploitation and abuse can occur at home Deb. Lack of obvious definition of child abductions even more complicates the situation

II. Creating Reality Through Misleading Statistics

A. Early reality lurking behind stats

1 ) inaccurate info

2 . you million of nearly 1 . 5 million missing kids are runaways 3. kids not taken off missing files once located

B. Very reliable numbers

1 ) NISMART – 2

a. numbers created from 4 surveys

2 . figures show runaways account for 86. 5& of missing children

3. 12. 5% kidnapped by relative

4. just about. 00006% resembled the press depictions of stranger abductions C....



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