Micromax Mobile phone: How to Boost Market Share

 Micromax Portable: How to Boost Market Share Dissertation

Consumer buying behaviour statement

Micromax mobiles

By Mansi Choksey

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Product picked:

Micromax Mobile phones

Issue to get addressed:

The right way to increase Business:

Background on the company:

Micromax Mobile requirements no introduction today. Only two years again people were not aware ofВ the brandВ at all but today it's India's third largest mobile providing company by volume after Nokia and Samsung (IDC Report). Brand's success may be attributed to it can ability to understand the need from the market, aggressive marketing which has a budget of Rs. 90 crore and smartВ distribution channelВ management.

Its one of the leading American indian Telecom Companies with 23 domestic offices across the country and international offices in Hk, USA, Dubai and now in Nepal.

With a cutting-edge vision and an exhaustive R& M at its helm, Micromax offers successfully made innovative technology that have been huge in the phone system consumerspace.

According to IDC survey Micromax out of place LG to become third greatest sellingВ mobile handset companyВ in india with a business of 6%. Nokia is definitely market head with 62% share and Samsung is definitely on second place with 8% business. The company today sells more than a million handsets a month and it is now a Rs. 1600 cr worth brand. The corporation has occurrence in more than 500 zones and 80, 000В retail shops. The company started out its Portable handset organization in 08 and the obstacle was to build an personality in a marketplace dominated by simply big MNCs Like Nokia, Samsung, LG ELECTRONICS and Motorola.

Today Micromax has turned into a brand which in turn people associate and look approximately for realizing their specific device choices and other out-of-the-box solutions. Micromax, is now churning out 1 million phones a month.

Micromax is over a mission to successfully conquer the technical barriers and constantly coin " existence enhancing solutions".

The company's eyesight is to develop path-breaking systems and effective processes that incubate modern markets, invigorate customer dreams and keep Micromax a trusted market head amongst people.

Micromax founders:

Rajesh Agarwal: manages company financial situation

Sumeet Arora: chief technology officer

Vikas jain: grips alliances with other companies

Rahul Sharma: risk taker with the big ideas

4 P's of marketing for Micromax mobiles:

1 . Product

Micromax continues to be quite effective in the marking a difference with almost every merchandise that it released. The range that they have covered differs quite a significant variety. Right from the handsets with 30 days battery backup, dual SIM, devices switching networks (GSM -CDMA) using gravity sensors, aspirational QWERTY keypad handsets to operator brand name 3G mobile phones to the most exciting OMH CDMA Handsets, and so forth

Every merchandise of Micromax had the potential to grab the attention of media as well as the customers in a industry which is already flooded with mobile phone handsets and a launch is there in every a couple days.

2 . Price

Micromax centered on entry-level and mid-segment devices priced between Rs1, 800 and Rs2, 400 when it started selling the gadgets in 08, confining alone to small towns and rural areas in the first 12-18 a few months. Encouraged by simply its success, the firm widened to greater cities and after this has a syndication network of 55, 1000 retailers, which in turn it programs to range up to 75, 000 at the conclusion of 03 as part of its strategy to increase sales to 1. 5 mil handsets per month.

3. Place

Micromax is among the leading Indian Telecom Corporations with twenty-three domestic offices across the country and international offices in Hong Kong, USA, Lebanon and now in Nepal.

Micromax has spent Rs100 crore to set up a plant in Baddi in Himachal Pradesh as it seems outsourcing developing completely leaves the door wide open for supply-side uncertainties. Production will be scaled up coming from an initial 60, 000 each month.

" In the event everything will go right, by the third stage in...



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