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1 . Introduction3

1 . 1 ) Objectives3

1 . 2 . Information of the document3

2 . Initially traces, Historical analysis of quality management in the country5 3. General quality managing knowledge of small and medium sized enterprises7 5. Statistical info of the quality managements devices of small and medium sized enterprises8 five. Programmes approved by the European Union and the countrywide government taking pictures the institution of quality management devices for small to medium sized enterprises10 six. Most relevant top quality management companies (certifying and training organizations) in the country12

1 . Introduction

The present teaching needs analysis report is usually conducted inside the framework in the project " Small Business Quality Management Systems” funded by Leonardo da Vinci system. The statement is the response to the first phase with the project by which each spouse carried out a national analysis on the quality management understanding of SMEs. The partners involved with this 1st phase with the project are: IDEC (Greece), Hungarian Base for Business Promotion, Base for Co-operation of Central European Entrepreneurs, Gyor-Moson-Sopron Region Foundation, Trebag (Hungary), Technological University of Kosice (Slovakia) and College or university of Farming science and Veterinary Medication Cluj-Napoca (Romania). 1 . 1 . Objectives

The objectives from the analysis phase of the task are:

to intricate a research for the quality managing systems manufactured by the SMEs in the partner countries to analyse the modern day knowledge of SMEs in the field of top quality management to distinguish the training demands of SMEs in INTERNATIONALE ORGANISATION FUR STANDARDISIERUNG 9001, emphasize the lack of skills in relevant fields to organize " express of art” analysis to get the partner countries 1 . 2 . Information of the file

The present record consists of 6 chapters.

Chapter 1 ) Introduction

In the introductory chapter, there is a basic description in the document as well as its objectives. Part 2 . Initial traces, Historical analysis of quality supervision in the country In chapter two, there is a brief track analysis of quality management in each region. It can be seen how the several context in each case has cause the same end result, the general acknowledgement of top quality management systems. Chapter three or more. General quality management knowledge of small and medium sized companies In part 3, it really is examined ideal to start (or insufficient training), that people working in SMEs have, about quality managing and exactly what the chances to allow them to be informed upon quality things. Chapter some. Statistical info of the quality managements devices of small to medium sized enterprises. Section 4 highlights the main factors that define the particular context in each participant country and provide a general thought of the situation that characterizes each region.

Phase 5. Programmes granted by the European Union plus the national federal government aiming at the establishment of quality managing systems intended for small and medium sized businesses. In this section, the most important naturally programmes will be mentioned, striving especially within the diffusion in the quality administration systems as a strategic decision for SMEs, for each region. Chapter 6th. Most relevant quality management businesses (certifying and training organizations) in the four countries In chapter 6 can be found get in touch with data of useful organisations for further information regarding QMS (Quality Management Systems) in all the participants countries.

Appendix: National reports for Hungary, Romania, Portugal and Slovak republic.

2 . 1st traces, Famous analysis of quality supervision in the country

The advantages of quality assurance has become perceived...



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