Immigration Article

Daniela Ochoa

Professor Klein

English 111

29 Mar 2015

Immigration: The good, unhealthy and the unpleasant.

Immigration is vital to me as it hits thus close to residence. Till this very day I can keep in mind the first time I found out how my dad arrived to America. I had been an adult if he told me his whole illegal journey. I had been so astonished, actually extremely proud of my father and almost everything he experienced to get here. See, the entire concept in back of immigration, they make it seem so bad however in actuality these folks just want to generate a better lifestyle. I've always understood migration as entering another nation without valid documentation, and trying to hide from something back their country. But is actually not, nothing close to that idea. Certainly, coming into another country without valid records is awful but what are these people basically trying to do?

After spending time researching migrants I came across a lot of views, some great and some adverse. Mostly unfavorable comments yet that's the things i already believed before reading everyone's viewpoint. When my dad told all of the reasons why he came to America, it sounded so crazy to me. I recall thinking to myself, how someone could be and so brave to leave anything behind because they have a basic plan. No money, no The english language and no genuine place of destination. He informed me his big brother always told him about how great it will be to live in America, the area of the free of charge they named it. That they lived in the poorest area of Ecuador and it was simply a dead end city to them. Kids weren't forced to go to university, and they were often stagnated to stay aware of their mom to help with daily " men” duties. My dad's mom got eight children by 3 different guys. My dad was never as well proud to share anyone that yet he usually told me real truth everything. By doing this I could study from it. Coming from those ten kids he only had one genuine brother. Call him by his name was Franklin and he escaped to Mexico when he was 14 years...



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