Hayward Grinnell WK4 Homework M GlobalContext Tonto Report

 Hayward Grinnell WK4 Home work M GlobalContext Memo Report Essay

Week #4 Home work – M-Global Context: Memo Report

Grinnell Hayward

DeVry School


Assume you is surely an M-Global field engineer operating at the building site of any nuclear power plant in Jentsen, Missouri. Within the past three several weeks, your job has been to observe the building of a water-cooling tower, a large cylindrical framework. As consultants to the plant's construction organization, you and the M-Global crew were chosen to make sure that work proceeds correctly and on routine. As the field industrial engineer, you are supposed to report virtually any problems on paper to your project manager, David Raines, backside at your St Louis business office. Then he will probably contact the development firm's workplace, if necessary.

Write a short tonto report to Raines. Take the pursuing randomly arranged information and present that in a very clear, well-organized vogue. If you wish, put information of your that might fit the circumstance.


To: John Raines

Subject: Project Supervisor M-Global

Via: Grinnell Hayward

Title: Structure Consultant as well as Field Industrial engineer

Subject: Various issues about Crystal River Nuclear Engine power – Jentsen, Missouri


Whilst things are operating smoothly at the Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant here in Jentsen Missouri I desired to bring to your attention a few issues that are being resolved in order to continue without any further mishaps. I use listed my observations and in some cases added photos for your looking at. For example:

You may already know the weather is playing a huge take into account what can get completed in ok bye to concrete pouring challenging unexplained rain that we have recently been having. The shutdown from the site in April 19th due to the rain storm prevented Allis Wire, Inc., from providing reinforcing metallic wires (rebar) which is used pertaining to reinforcing the concrete walls. Unfortunately that delay will throw off subsequent week's schedule but that shipment is good for the upper portion of the tower. The positive side for this is (see pic #1 attached below) we already have enough to complete the bottom section functioning our approach up to the mid-section. By the time our company is ready for the most notable section the shipment should certainly arrive creating no more issues.

Also while touching on the subject of bare cement we were working with three concrete pouring's intended for the structure wall getting delayed an hour each upon April twenty-one because of lumination rain. Right now while this might cause a few concern we now have moved two additional pushes onto this kind of tower (See attached picture #1 ) due to their conclusion on tower system 2 polishing off two days ahead of schedule. So we now have a total of five pushes working on the walls for structure 1 .

We have acquired some complaints from other workers in regards to the extreme speeding on the job site coming from cement vehicle drivers causing large amounts of dust triggering in some cases a sandstorm just like atmosphere. For this reason we have acquired one accident (See picture #2 fastened below) without serious accidents however to ease this we now have water trucks making rounds every 3 hours wetting the grounds to assist with this matter (See picture #3 fastened below). The driving force of the occurrence is currently being tested to get substances which may have contributed to his poor judgment.

Mary Powell, an M-Global safety inspector on my crew, cited 12 workers for not wearing their hard hats (See photo #4 attached below). This kind of as we know can be unacceptable which could cause all of us to amass fines coming from OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). So to have proactive steps I have directed all the prospects onsite to discuss safety with OSHA (See pic #5 attached below) and they experienced meetings with the respected deck hands (See picture #5 fastened below).

Finally we now have noticed that generally there have not recently been any significant thefts at the site, on the other hand some miscellaneous boards and masonry bits are absent each day—probably because nearby residents (doing small residence projects) think that...



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