Liberty Riders

 Essay on Freedom Cyclists

Independence Riders

Becky Delp

HIS 145

July 9, 2013

John Dreier, PhD

Freedom Riders

(Bingimages. com, 2013)

Dear Journal,

May 61

The Freedom Bikers was allowed to be a non-violent ride for African Americans and White Americans by Washington to New Orleans. It all began with a selection of students dealing with the Our elected representatives of Racial Equality that they called the Freedom Cyclists (Brinkley, 2012). The Freedom Motorcyclists signed up in May 1961, on a Greyhound bus, and a Trailways bus, which was along the way from Wa, D. C. to New Orleans, Louisiana. This is where the segregated simply by race was at bus train station, train stations, lunch desks, and general public restrooms (Stuever, 2011). Before leaving achievable Orleans, the liberty Riders published their wills before that they left pertaining to the trip. Twelve users of the Liberty Riders started off for their visit to New Orleans. Six Freedom Riders on each of your bus path. The Greyhound bus had a flat tire in The state of alabama, which was run off the road. The bus new driver got out of your bus to find out what was wrong with the shuttle bus; he realized that it had a set tire. A guy held a crow club, and threw it into the window with the bus then next thing was your bus was on fire. The bus rider decided to avoid the shuttle bus. The people around the bus received off the shuttle bus just on time. I saw a single woman was giving individuals that were around the bus water to wash their face and to beverage it. Those on the shuttle bus got off of the bus only in time. The bus rush into fire and burned up. (Bingimages. com, 2013)

The liberty Riders on the Trailways coach did not know what was happening to the different Freedom Bikers in Liverpool, Alabama. The Ku Klux Klan prepared to pummelled the Freedom Motorcyclists, the F nod nothing to protect the Freedom Riders. When arriving in Birmingham the liberty Riders desired to keep going possibly after getting beaten up. The riders need not surrender to the assault. The shuttle bus driver told the Freedom Riders he was not going to drive them any further since...

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