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TOC \o " 1-3" \h \z \u Executive Brief summary PAGEREF _Toc399516285 \h 2Opinion of Value PAGEREF _Toc399516286 \h 3Business Guide PAGEREF _Toc399516287 \h 4History of business PAGEREF _Toc399516288 \h 4Services provided PAGEREF _Toc399516289 \h 4Opening hours PAGEREF _Toc399516290 \h 4Menu offered PAGEREF _Toc399516291 \h 5Education sector analysis and its impact on canteen business PAGEREF _Toc399516292 \h 6General trend of Malaysian Higher Education plus the Government's coverage PAGEREF _Toc399516293 \h 6Production process PAGEREF _Toc399516294 \h 7A' la-carte service PAGEREF _Toc399516295 \h 8Self-service PAGEREF _Toc399516296 \h 9Customer Evaluation PAGEREF _Toc399516297 \h 10Suppliers PAGEREF _Toc399516298 \h 12Human resources PAGEREF _Toc399516299 \h 14Description of facilities PAGEREF _Toc399516300 \h 16Layout plan PAGEREF _Toc399516301 \h 16Furniture and Appropriate PAGEREF _Toc399516302 \h 18Equipment and Machine PAGEREF _Toc399516303 \h 18Financial Analysis PAGEREF _Toc399516304 \h 19Asset Value: Book Value Method PAGEREF _Toc399516305 \h 19Market Primarily based Valuation Method: Going Market Rate Method PAGEREF _Toc399516306 \h 20Income based Business Valuation: Return on Investment (ROI) Method PAGEREF _Toc399516307 \h 21Conclusion for Economic Analysis PAGEREF _Toc399516308 \h 22References: PAGEREF _Toc399516309 \h 23Appendices PAGEREF _Toc399516310 \h 25Assumptions and limiting conditions PAGEREF _Toc399516311 \h 25

Executive SummaryThe purpose of writing this survey is to present business value of Bern's CafГ© for ABC School and analyzing in the options whether it is ideal or to not purchase the organization of Mister. Bernard. The report will probably be divided into a number of sections like the business summary, analysis with the education sector towards the canteen business, customer analysis as well as the financial analysis. The business review will explain more regarding history and the skills provided by Bern's CafГ©. The impact of the education industry for the canteen organization will explain more about the external factors which may or may not impact the growth of the canteen. The consumer analysis will likely then explain the overall customer in figures and last, but not least, the emphasis is more focused on the financial evaluation. This section will need all of the specifics mentioned in the previous sections and converts these people into rational figures. A lot of valuation methods are going to be found in this section and all sorts of the advantages and disadvantages of each method will then be ponder in to conclude the suitable value of the canteen

Opinion of ValueBased on the review of the information provided, We am of the opinion an affordable range of worth for HURUF University's canteen, as of April 20, 2014 is: RM 310, 000. 00

After full thought, in my very humble opinion, I actually conclude that buying Mister. Bernard's organization is a good option based upon the several benefits like the external aspect of government support. Statically, the Malaysian Education industry is constantly growing which means that even more students will be coming in to ABC School and in go back also enhances the potential customer to arrive to the canteen. Furthermore, upon analyzing the planet of DASAR University, it has only one canteen that is Bern's CafГ© and within the radius of 3 kilometres, there are not any competitors readily available. Business wise, this is a significant advantage. The staffs are usually willing to work under the new owner in case the purchasing arrangement is completed and this likely will eliminates the necessity to look and hire new staff members. Employees turnover level has been low, with many of these of them has been in business here for a lot more than 5 years. When it comes to equipment and tools, most of them are still in working condition and have been regularly serviced under the proper care of Mr. Bernard. I would recommend to my superior to purchase the organization now as the market is usually favorable and profitable. My estimation of value is subject to the assumptions and limiting...

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