Daniel the Prophet

 Daniel the Prophet Article

" God is my judge”.

By a young age group Daniel was carried away to Babylon where he became famous for interpreting dreams and rose to become one of the most essential figures inside the court.

Started service to the royal court and abstained from unclean food (Daniel 1: 8-16). Three years later, Daniel was brought prior to the King to interpret the King's desire. The california king was satisfied and made Daniel " leader over the whole province of Babylon" and " key prefect over-all the smart men of Babylon" (Daniel 2: 48). In Part 4, all of us learn that Daniel viewed another of Nebuchadnezzar's dreams.

Daniel continued to be in governmental service through the reigns in the kings of Babylon and into the reign of Cyrus of Persia after the Persians became the dominant community power (Dan 1: 21; 10: 1). Daniel was also a person of profound piety. His book is usually characterized not only by prophecies of the isolated future nevertheless also with a sense of wonder at the presence of God. By his children Daniel was determined to have by God's law in a distant area (Dan 1). In occasions of catastrophe, Daniel switched first to God in prayer before turning to the affairs of state (2: 14-23). Daniel's fidelity to God exposed him to persecution simply by jealous opponents within the king's administration however the grace of God shielded him (Dan 6).

Role in The lord's Promise of the New Agreement

Daniel exhibited his faithfulness to Our god throughout the problems of his life, showing that we, also, need to demonstrate our faithfulness to The almighty even much more hardships. The Book of Daniel much more than a treasure of prophetic literature. In addition, it paints a lovely picture of any man of God who have lived out his dedication in extremely troubled times. We should hardly ever get therefore caught up inside the meanings of horns and beasts that people forget the individual dimension in the book-the challenging person in whose name means 'My Our god is Evaluate. '

almost eight I noticed, but Some understand. So I asked, " My god, what will the end result of all this kind of be? ” 9 He replied, " Go your way, Daniel, for the reason that...



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