crowdfunding framework

 crowdfunding framework Essay

A Platform for

European Crowdfunding

Kristof De Buysere

Oliver Gajda

Ronald Kleverlaan

Dan Marom

With a foreword by

Matthias Klaes

2012 | Kristof De Buysere, Oliver Gajda, Ronald Kleverlaan, Serta Marom | 2012 A FRAMEWORK PERTAINING TO EUROPEAN CROWDFUNDING


A Framework for

European Crowdfunding


Kristof Para Buysere

Oliver Gajda

Ronald Kleverlaan

Dan Marom


Matthias Klaes, Professor of Commerce, Keele University

Contributing factors

Alain Renaud

Alex Wochenmarkt

Alex Raguet

Bart Becks

Clas Beese

Christian Saublens

Emma Fau

Avoi Serlachius

Fabien Risterucci

Frederic Baud

Guillaume DesclГ©e

Iwona Mertin

Jamie Hartzell

Karol KrГіl

Katelijn Tailly

Korstiaan Zandvliet

Liam Collins

Lionel Slusny

Pascal Para Keyser

Paulo Silva Pereira

Reinhard Willfort

Rhydian Lewis

Robert van Meer

Simone Dean-Johns

Thierry Merquiol

Tim Meuleman

Yann Le Jeune

Yannis Pierrakis













(Great Britain)



(The Netherlands)

(Great Britain)





(Great Britain)

(The Netherlands)

(Great Britain)


(The Netherlands)


(Great Britain)

A FRAMEWORK FOR WESTERN CROWDFUNDING | Kristof Para Buysere, Oliver Gajda, Ronald Kleverlaan, Serta Marom | 2012

a couple of

A Framework intended for

European Crowdfunding



Institut fГјr Kommunikation

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ppl. com. pt

Zu der Förderung jeder Innovationskultur


A Framework for European Crowdfunding, first ed., 2012

Kristof De Buysere, Oliver Gajda, Ronald Kleverlaan and Dan Marom, with a foreword by Matthias Klaes

This kind of work is familiar with the laws under a Imaginative Commons

Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3. zero Unported License.

ISBN 978-3-00-040193-0


Illustrations: Astrid Böckermann

in association with

A CONSTRUCTION FOR WESTERN EUROPEAN CROWDFUNDING | Kristof De Buysere, Oliver Gajda, Ronald Kleverlaan, Serta Marom | 2012



Contents several

Foreword some

Executive Brief summary 6

Affirmation of Purpose 8

Precisely what is Crowdfunding? 9

How Crowdfunding Works12

Problems With Crowdfunding15

Benefits pertaining to Entrepreneurs and SMEs18

The European Crowdfunding Market21

Benefits for the Internal Market23

Coverage Discussion in Europe25

European Regulation and Legislation28

The Pillars of any Crowdfunding Platform


Implementing an Functional Framework intended for European Crowdfunding


Further Reading38

About the Authors40

A CONSTRUCTION FOR EURO CROWDFUNDING | Kristof De Buysere, Oliver Gajda, Ronald Kleverlaan, Serta Marom | 2012



It is a lot more than five yrs ago now that the first ripples of the current financial crisis started spreading around the world. What primarily looked like problems largely confined to the United states sub-prime home loan sector quickly affected sophisticated economies in the Western hemisphere. In European countries in particular, uncertainties resulting from an over-all squeeze in retail credit rating have been acerbated by continuing threats of systemic disruption in the economic and budgetary spheres. Almost overnight, small to medium sized enterprises include thus discovered themselves in the sharp end of lessened access to credit rating. They are joined them their plight by dozens of organisations and initiatives inside the cultural sector who knowledge a period of almost unprecedented economic restraint, whilst private people even in good financial standing may possibly struggle to obtain reasonably...

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