Corporate Social Responsibility in Portugal: A Mix of National Traditions and International Influences

 Essay in Corporate Interpersonal Responsibility in France: A Mix of National Traditions and International Influences

Corporate Sociable Responsibility in France: A mixture of National Traditions and Intercontinental Influences (Article summary and discussion question- article 5)

This article explaines the practice of company social responsability in France. The fact is, that because there is very little literature based upon CSR that is not Anglo-American, all of us thought that different countries possess remainded non-active in this level of doing organization today. Therefore , the main issue is, what can be learned from the The french language experience with CSR. The aim of this kind of analysis isn't just to present your the art of CSR in France but to identify the effect of different social, economic, cultural and legal factors on the way CSR is understood and implemented in the area. The economic structure of France is different from the Anglo-Saxon countries, and this influences the relationship between business and culture. Under the pressure of the EUROPEAN, all the the latest French govt have privatized many companys, but the The french language economy even now remains seen as the significance from the public sector. The CSR approach in France can be qualified as being a mix of national traditions and factors of change which have been common to many other industrialized democracies. The term corporate social responsibility (CSR) causes confusion because in People from france there is no difference between the nation of responsibility and the legal concept of liabilty. Also the definition of social, in English comes with society, but in France it really is focused in house on labor-related issues, not really on external stakeholders. In France, the following is also a very strong role with the State. As opposed to other countrywide contexts, where CSR actions are considered because private endeavours clearly separate from any intervention of public actors of modify. This position of the Express gave capacity to the concept of CSR and corporate citizenship. The federal government has the rigtht to influence and get involved where necessary. France introducing mandatory company social...



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