Relative Study, Emma and Sive

 Comparative Study, Emma and Sive Dissertation

Comparative research, Emma and Sive IMPORTANCE OF MONEY ‘Emma' is set in britain in the early on nineteenth hundred years. Jane Austen succeeds in communicating the values of her lifestyle and culture. Money is highly valued with this society. Individuals are judged by way of a wealth and material belongings. In some ways the cultural circumstance of ‘Sive' is utterly dissimilar to that of ‘Emma'. It also is set in a stable countryside society of families and neighbours, yet quite unlike the book, the main heroes lead lives that seem to be deprived coming from all enjoyment or refinement. However , money is really important in ‘Sive' just as in ‘Emma'. Rural Ireland in europe in the fifties was blighted by low income, and this can be reflected inside the play. People were measured with regards to what area and plants they possessed. Poverty was obviously a sign of shame. Nana mocks Veta for her qualifications ‘the vacation cabin you came out of'. Mr Knightely, the hero of ‘Emma' is a member of ‘the ended up gentry'. This individual belongs to those who were thought to have ‘old money', that is, he is a landowner whose estates yield him positive cash-flow and he would be an excellent husband. Similarly in ‘SIVE' Sean Dota is provided as a gentleman of means ‘he have grass of twenty cows'. Mena therefore seizes for the idea of Sive marrying him. What makes the match even more attractive intended for Mena is definitely the 200 pounds that Mitch Dota can be prepared to give. Although Mike, Mena's hubby, objects towards the scheme in the beginning, it is crystal clear that intended for him, as well, making money is actually motivates him in life. He sees that money purchases respect ‘Money is the best friend a man ever before had'. It is just a matter of time before he will probably see Sive's marriage as worthwhile. Whereas the attitude to money in ‘Emma' was perhaps indicated in a more enhanced way, it could be seen in both equally texts that for some people money much more important than human pleasure. Emma's eagerness to make a meet between Harriet and Mr Elton although she preferred Robert Martin shows this interest in social standing, in the same way Mena's scheming about...



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