Coming to America

 Essay about Coming to America

Coming to America: The Problems Foreigners Face

Aaron Fernando

CWP 102, M Watts F

Professor Cockrell

The spring 3, 2013

Coming to America: The Difficulties Foreigners Face

Living in America is a dream of almost all people on the globe. Many want to come and live in this article because they wish to experience the American way of living. That they heard about the good life that America can give to everybody who comes and this impression overwhelmed their hearts' desire to migrate for greener meadow. There are many types of migrants that come via around the world. People from Europe or predominantly white countries do not have as much of an issue since immigrants through the middle eastern countries. Because citizens of the United States of America we do not completely understand their struggle because we are born into what many people dream of. In American we certainly have far more liberty and prospect than anywhere else in the world. In a few other countries the people happen to be suffering with no freedoms that we are used to on a daily basis. People of the Usa should meet immigrants whom are looking for a better life and are willing to work hard to achieve this. However , your life can be extremely tough for immigrants in America as they are adjusting to a unique western culture and are exposed to discrimination. There are a wide variety of adjustments foreigners need to make to reside the United States. All these can make the immigrant experience uncomfortable and unwanted. Most immigrants say they experienced culture amazed in their early months in United Sates. Even my father, an migrant from Sri Lanka, at first had a hard time adjusting to cultural differences. If an immigrant used to spend time with friends and neighbors when he was in his country, will probably be a different thing pertaining to him in the united states. Most people in america are very exclusive and too busy. They may have no time to shell out talking to neighbors. My father explains that when living in a small region it looked like that everybody knew each other and was connected through daily routines. Social existence obviously will occur in America but it comes easy for someone who has lived here their expereince of living. For example for those who have always searched at the same supermarket, the ambiance and people turn into familiar. If perhaps someone is new to the spot, they would feel like a total stranger because neighbours won't say anything besides hi or hello. Nobody will come and make friends with them or spend time for making them feel comfortable in their new environment. In the event the immigrant is used to having a close relationship while using neighborhood within their home country, it will take time for them to adjust to their very own new environment where that they could rarely see his neighbors. To make new good friends is hard once nobody is approximately. It requires the immigrant to leave their comfort zone and meet new people which usually we all know can be quite a stressful task alone. Struggling with cultural differences is a find it difficult to most migrants. It takes the perfect time to be altered to this fresh life establishing. I was delivered In Zoysia grass New York and I am Usa citizen. I have been raised with two different cultures, American and Sri Lankan. It is no secret that Buffalo offers punishing winters, but I use gotten utilized to all the hurdles that come with it. Adjusting to the cold weather is not an convenient thing especially to people whom come from warm countries. You will discover only two seasons inside the tropical zones, the rainy and the sunlit days. Naturally most Foreign nationals from warm areas are extremely excited to observe the snowflakes and to play with snow which they never got experienced but there are some who are not comfortable with the winter and they abhor winter time. The moment my father 1st came from Sri Lanka, a warm island, he did not actually own a weighty jacket. That didn't have him too long to figure out a whole winter season wardrobe would be needed to live...



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