Impair and Clouds Reference

 Cloud and Clouds Reference Essay

Republic of the Israel

Department of Education

Location III

Division of Bulacan

Section of Plaridel

Sto NiГ±o Elementary School

Sto NiГ±o, Plaridel, Bulacan


I. Objectives

A. Name the several types of clouds.

M. Describe each kind of atmosphere according to appearance.

C. State a few ways in preparing for an undesirable weather.

II. Subject Matter

" Types of Clouds”

Research: Science and health 4 by Jessie Villegas g. 187

Elements: puzzle, images

Vocabulary: Atmosphere, Cirrus, Stratus, Cumulus, and Nimbus

Scientific research Concept: Different types of clouds happen to be cirrus clouds, stratus atmosphere, cumulus atmosphere, and achtung clouds.

Technology Processes: Seeing, Inferring, Evaluating, Communicating Infusion of Ideals: As students we need to ready umbrellas and rain clothes to get ready pertaining to the bad weather conditions.

III. Method

Teacher's ActivityPupils Activity

A. Preparatory Activity

1 . Day to day routine


Hey there

Checking of attendance

installment payments on your Review

Recently we talked about weather Yes, Ma'am

and it's really elements, right?

Ok, Now what is weather? Weather refers to the condition of the atmosphere for a particular some


Very Great!

Ok, a few give him a Very Good Clap! (Pupils doing the particular Good clap) 3. Motivation

Class Let me teach you a song permitted " Would you ever

see a cloud” I want you all to sing, yet I will sing

first and you may go up coming! Ok!


Did you ever see a cloud

A cloud a cloud

Performed you watch a impair

That appeared as if a endure

A big one particular, a little one

A laid back one, an amusing

Did you ever see a cloud

That looked like a bear?

Would you watch a cloud

A cloud a impair

Did you ever see a cloud

That looked like a plane

A big one, slightly one

A quick one, a slow 1

Did you ever see a cloud

That looked like a plane?

ALRIGHT class, really your turn now. Sing! (students will be singing)


You all sang great!

What is the title of the track? The title in the song is " Do you watch a impair? ”

Very Good!

What is the music all about? It can all about atmosphere.

Yes! Appropriate it's everything regarding clouds.

Have you ever seen a clouds that looked

like a keep? No, ma'am but I've seen a clouds that

seemed like a natural cotton candy.

N. Activity Proper

Now I will divide you in several groups, I use

right here a problem and I wish you to resolve these.

Each group could have a leader along with

fixing the puzzle the leader is going to stand in

front side to explain the that they acquire.

Ok let's start!

(the teacher can be giving them the puzzle)(The students are doing the activity)


Let's start with group one.

OH, it's cirrus clouds graphic, what

can you claim about this photo? (The leader is outlining her/his

observation about the picture)

Very Good!

Next group

You got stratus clouds graphic

Explain. (The leader is explaining her/his

statement about the picture)

Very Good!

Third group with cumulus atmosphere Image. (The leader can be explaining her/his

observation about the picture)

Very Good!

The very last one, okay what can you claim

about nimbus atmosphere? (The leader is detailing her/his

observation about the picture)

Very Good!

You noticed very well

C. Concept Formation

Based on our activity, so what do you think

will probably be our lessons for today? It's all about clouds.

Atmosphere are known and called for their shapes.

Meaning, clouds get their labels according

to their designs.

The different types of atmosphere are cirrus clouds,

stratus atmosphere, cumulus atmosphere, and nimbus clouds.

Alright let's begin with Cirrus atmosphere,

(The educator will show an image of cirrus clouds)

How can you describe cirrus clouds? Cirrus clouds will be thin and feather-like.

Yes it is, from this article you can see in the picture the

lower component to...



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