Punta Mountaineering, Incorporation.

 Cima Mountaineering, Inc. Article


Case Study #1:

Punta Mountaineering, Incorporation.

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In this case examine, our team investigates the decisions facing a little western mountain boot production company, Vertice Mountaineering, Incorporation. This daily news will provide a brief overview of the case, including a speedy background perspective of the organization. We will show the two options given in the truth, and examine the 4 possible alternatives, which exist as possible approaches to the company's situation. For each likely outcome, all of us will provide thorough analysis of every alternative examined against several criteria. Finally, based on the results of the analysis, a general conclusion will be presented.

Business Background

Muerte Mountaineering begun as the family-owned Hoback Western footwear company located in Jackson, Wy. The user's children, Margaret and Anthony, assumed control over the company in 1975 off their parents, while President and Executive Vice President respectively. 33 years ago, the company decided to create a new line of mountaineering boots to fit their existing line of traditional western boots, that was enjoying simply modest success. In 81, the company launched two fresh boots, a mountaineering footwear and a hiking boot, with their product line. A summarized business history fb timeline is displayed in Physique 1 .

Figure 1 - Business History

After a record revenue year in 1994, Maggie and Anthony realized that industry was switching. They were beginning to lose product sales to international companies who had been introducing affordable, good quality, and classy hiking boot styles. At the time of this situatio, Cima Mountaineering had currently lost two key suppliers, and product sales revenues had been beginning to level off. Number 2 reveals the historical sales revenues at Cima. While expansion through the late 1980's and early 1990's was quite good, the latest market studies showed that there were untrained market sectors with incredibly appealing growth possibilities. Both Anthony and Maggie recognized this, and presented two competitive proposals that attempt to tap into these industry segments.

Figure a couple of - Revenue Revenue

Circumstance options:

The following is a brief overview of the two proposals given in the case, as well as the resulting alternatives identified by our team.

Option you: Anthony's Pitch

Anthony wants to add two additional types of boots to Cima's Peak line of walking boots. In addition , he as well wants to add a mountaineering shoe targeted specifically for women (MX 350) for less money than the identical men's model. Anthony would like to maintain the large levels of top quality currently present within the complete Cima products. He is worried about brand photo, and also would like continue utilizing their existing product distribution network and price tag sales shops. He is happy to consider increasing distribution through catalog price tag, but it has to be accomplished in a manner that will not give up the company's company identity.

Alternative 2: Margaret's Proposal

In comparison, Margaret provides a more aggressive proposal, which can be focused around the introduction of the third manufacturer product line, known as the " Weekender”. This is certainly a new marketplace segment pertaining to Cima, and Margaret seems that it represents a significant growth opportunity. The newest boots are targeted at a more casual viewers. As such, they feature new construction techniques, and require careful attention to current fashion and style trends. Boots will be less costly than virtually any boot in Cima's existing product line. Margaret also believes that to be able to increase product sales revenue, that some sort of retail relationship with catalog companies (as well because other options) is necessary.

From those two options, four possible alternatives emerge:

Alternate 1: Implement Anthony's pitch

Alternative a couple of: Implement Margaret's proposal

Option 3: Put into action a combination of Anthony and Margaret's proposals Alternate 4: Put into action neither (and...



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