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1 . Do a classic SWOT evaluation (strengths, disadvantages, opportunities, and threats) of Calgene's situation in the planting season of 95.


•R& D skills in biotechnology technology

•Competitive advantages in bioengineered item licenses and regulatory agency approval to market tomato (and other bioengineered products) •Competitive advantages in already test out marketing " MacGregor's Tomatoes" •Competitive good thing about being " closer" to mass advertising its tomato •Success of business and ready-to-eat oils and cotton seed divisions •Bioengineering licensing deals

•New " soft choosing, packing, and shipping" strategies

•Operating plant life with fresh " soft" picking, providing, and shipping systems


•High expenses associated with operating " soft" p/p/s systems •Management inexperience with " commercializing" products manufactured by R& Deb •Bioengineering technology base may already be out-of-date

•Questionable expertise base about acceptability of bioengineered items •Question of whether " style tests" of MacGregor's Tomato ever happened •Still unproven ability to mass market someone product

•No established relationships with " resellers" in fresh tomato market


•Customer popularity or lack of acceptance of bioengineered refreshing consumable goods •High operating costs associated with " soft" p/p/s process may need " premium" pricing for point of sale •Perceived advantages of " MacGregor's Tomato" does not arise at either reseller or perhaps consumer level •Competitor tomato " Limitless Summer" depending on new technology may possibly have superior product features •Threatened boycott of bioengineered products like " Chefs" example


•First in to new markets generally set up lion's reveal of industry •Size of market to get fresh tomatoes is huge; even a small market share can mean huge revenues for Calgene •Loads of theoretical opportunities for extra bioengineered clean produce—i. e., corn, and so forth •Two different divisions are most often already effective or planning to be and so represent a chance for foreseeable future growth •Business-to-business product promoting represent fewer barriers to entry and Calgene has already established market occurrence via other two sections in that market

2 . What is your assessment of the product development procedures used Calgene to develop the MacGregor FlavrSavr tomato? Were they powerful, or may they always be improved?

Calgene's new product advancement process seems to have been below adequate in that the " bruising" of MacGregor's tomato vegetables in the initially large-scale make an effort to market all of them should have been at least foreseen, if not known. The actual late in the act discovery of bruising resulted in a crisis mode of designing a solution that turned out to be a very high cost process—so high in cost that it may need premium pricing for MacGregor's Tomatoes. There is also no specific evidence that " preference testing" by the consuming public of the FlavrSavr tomato ever actually took place. Note that the trainer should now refer the students to the suitable section of the textbook getting used in the course for a discussion of the recognized ideal new product development process.

3. What is your examination of Calgene's knowledge about customer acceptance of bioengineered foods and especially the FlavrSavr tomato? Do you think there has been a great oversight, until now agree that Calgene administration has successfully considered marketplace demand for the merchandise?

There is tiny evidence to indicate that Calgene used any kind of form of clinical research to determine the likelihood of customers accepting either bioengineered foods in general or MacGregor's Tomatoes specifically. This could be an oversight of key consequence if Calgene would not perform virtually any scientifically primarily based and valid research in these two aspects. It would be specifically evident that management was inept if valid " taste tests" were by no means performed.

some. Diagram the customer purchasing...



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