BofA Cellular Banking case

 BofA Mobile Banking case Essay

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Lender of America (BofA) is the largest lender holding business in the United States, by assets, plus the second major bank by market capitalization. As a global Finance Support Institution, BofA serves consumers in more than 150 countries and includes a relationship with 99% from the U. S. The bank's 2008 purchase of Merrill Lynch made Bank of America the world's largest riches manager and a major person in the purchase banking market. BofA introduced mobile banking in May 2007. Mobile Banking lets clients easily and securely access balance information, pay bills with optional Costs Pay assistance, transfer money, and find near by ATMs and banking centers through a mobile application on the smartphones, and through mobile web issues phone internet browser. Douglas, SVP of Portable Product Development was quoted, " In less than three years we have four million cellular banking consumers. That's an adoption level almost five to 8-10 times that of our on the web banking several years ago. ” Line-of-business managers are looking for leveraged mobile platforms with functionalities that could meet several needs and the different concentrate on groups just like: Merrill Lynch brokerage, loans, credit cards, customer payments, etc… The capabilities of portable banking by making use of smartphones or perhaps mobile internet have become popular with today's lender customers. You will find increasing general growth in mobile bank in the finance industry. In addition , the transaction cost1 of mobile financial and internet banking is significantly lower than the regular channel (e. g. Part, Call Center, ATMS and IVR). Due to the economic depression, banks are looking for extend the service channels and aim to increase the profit via custom core bank service, including transaction costs. The system motorisation can reduce the operation price; increase the deal turnaround as well as accuracy. Together with the popularity of mobile phones and cellular data services, cellular banking could possibly be the booming tools for banking industry revenue engine. Yet , investing in the enhancement with the mobile bank is pricey and will immediately affecting the bank's income and company images. The worse cases, may come across customer make a complaint and regulating comments and punishments. Consequently , the management of BofA have to choose can they effectively utilize this technology as a fresh media for making banking providers easier, quicker and more easy for consumer, at the same time, how could the iphone app can help pertaining to BofA marketing the banking institutions new products, services and boost the customer loyalty. In the short run, what do BofA tell the line-of-business managers – if the app increase functionality, build new app or will not add complexness to the current application? In the long run, how do BofA placement the bank in this fast changing industry?


Mobile bank (app) is usually not a mandatory product (or say channel) for bank's customer. It's just an optional channel, depending on the product itself, let's research base on Porter's a few forces evaluation. 1 . Fresh entrants are HIGH. There will not become any new large mass-market players or niche players bursting around the scene, although there will be fresh independent players like PayPal that will offer some similar functions iphone app in the market. 2 . Power of suppliers are via MEDIUM to LOW. Most of the suppliers of mobile financial should be individuals technologies associates, technology consultants, outsource computer software house and marketing partners as cha?non in some advertising campaigns. Lender has stronger power than patients outsource computer software house in many situations. a few. Bargaining benefits of buyers can be HIGH. Offered the portable banking is only an optionally available channel pertaining to customer. Buyers still have other choices to full their deal thru the bank and capable of say NO to cellular banking. The switching expense of changing the channel is usually low nevertheless the switching cost of BANK might from...



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