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п»їTitle: Heat Louage in different moments of metals

Aim: To see how long it would take to get the heat to conduct along 3 diverse metals; brass, steel and copper. We can say that by locating a pin gowns stuck eventually of the metal by using wax. Hypothesis: If the heat performs along the several different metals, the buy-ins will sooner or later fall off, since when 1 particle vibrates from the high temperature, they bundle into one another, then the following particle vibrates, until it reaches to the end of the metallic, then the flag will fall season. Variables:


What is it?



The metals

There are 3 different metals (brass, copper and steel). We used every metal 3 times, because when we heat each one of them and time these people, we will find the average in the 3 several timings, so the results could be more reliable.



Each one of them will take several timings to fall, mainly because each metallic will take a unique time to move the heat via 1 particle to another.


The distance

The distance from the Bunsen burner till the finish of the steel where the flag is placed. The distance was 7cm every time all of us placed the metals for the tripod within the Bunsen burner.

The position of the Bunsen burner

The position of the Bunsen burner under the tripod was constantly the same once we put the steel over these people, and the simplest way to make sure that it's always the same, was not to move the Bunsen burner, and just change the metals once we needed to.


Equipment list:

1- a few rods of Steel

2- 3 rods of brass

3- a few rods of copper

4- Tripod

5- Bunsen burner

6- Stopwatch

7- High temperature gloves

8- Lab coat

9- Goggles

10- Pen and a paper

11- 9 Buy-ins

12- Feel from a candle

13- Matchsticks


1- Bring every one of the equipments you need for the experiment then wear the lab coat, goggles plus the heat safety gloves. 2- Light up a candle, and then stay 1 pin on the end of each and every metal (Copper, brass and steal) utilizing the wax from the candle. 3-...



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