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What were the effects of the Haitian Revolution in Haiti as well as the wider Caribbean?


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Theme: Resistance and Revolt

What were the consequences of the Haitian Revolution about Haiti and the

wider Caribbean?


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Theme: Resistance and Revolt

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What had been the consequences with the Haitian 4-6 Revolution upon Haiti and the wider Caribbean

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I would like to acknowledge my teacher Mrs. Rose pertaining to giving me guidance through this entire project I might also like to thank my mother who has provided solutions that written for the completing this project.


The researcher select this theme to do further investigation around the consequences in the revolution intended for Haiti and the wider Caribbean. The investigator is thinking about the cultural, economic and political impact it had on Haiti plus the wider Caribbean at the time.


The consequences with the Haitian Innovation hastened and placed focus on the degeneration of Haiti but also the development of the wider Caribbean. The Haitian Revolution has often recently been described as the most successful servant rebellion inside the Western Hemisphere. Slaves started the rebellion in 1791 and by 1804 they had prevailed in finishing not just slavery, but Western control over the French economy, a result of which improved the face in the Caribbean Socially, Economically and Politically.

The Haitian Innovation changed the social composition of the area through the exclusion and massacre of the dominant white course. It also improved the ethnic conflicts between your two groups of blacks and mullatoes. The racial tariff grew stronger between the two classes as a result of disagreements, especially with leadership and control of the island, the mullatoes were favored more by French federal government, and therefore envy grew.

The Haitian Innovation also gave the slaves of the other Carribbean plantations ideas; this consequently gave climb or influence for different slaves to revolt to gain their freedom. The impact of the revolution was immediate and widespread. The anti-slavery fighting immediately created unrest over the region, especially in communities of Maroons in Jamaica, and among slaves in St Kitts. That sent a wave of immigrants flooding outward for the neighboring destinations, and to The us of America and European countries[1]. Haitian emigrants as well affected the countries that they migrated to religion, politics, culture, and cuisine. The Haitian Wave undoubtedly emphasized sensitivity to race, color, and status across the Carribbean.


Noteworthy, " the Haitian trend gave this island then of Haiti a chance to elect their own system and federal government, which produced Haiti the first self-employed black state” stated simply by Sir Eric Williams[2]. This as well led to diplomatic isolation. Haiti had to choose their own government, which led to political lack of stability this led to conflicts with leaders and the Generals because there was a impression of dictatorship from the head Toussaint L'ouverture at the time and the two Officers Jean Jacques Dessalines & Henry Christophe didn't be thankful. The Haitian Revolution also contributed to the advancement with the anti-slavery movement. The Humanitarians and Abolitionists used slavery to back their level as to why to abolish captivity, which caused the Action of 1833 which was in that case passed by British authorities to end slavery in the Uk empire " mentioned previously by Isaac Dookhan[3]#@@#@!!. This conversely created the apprenticeship period which was meant...

Recommendations: [2]Williams, Richard From Columbus to Castro: The history of the Caribbean 1492-1969, Carlton Submitting Group, London, uk, 1970.

[3] Dookhan, Isaac A Pre-emancipation History of the West Indies, Carlong Web publishers Ltd, kingston10, 33 Second Street, Newport cigarettes West, Kingston 13, Jamaica, 1971.



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