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August one particular, 2014



Jose Corazon sobre Jesus

Isang aklat em maputi, ang isinulat: Luha!

Kaya wala kang mabasa kahit isa mang talata;

Kinabisa for inisip mulang ating pagkabata;

Tumanda ka't nagkauban, hindi mo pennsylvania maunawa.

Ang Pag-ibig, isipin mo, pag inisip, nasa-puso!

Pag pinuso, nasa-isip, kaya't hindi mo makuro.

Lapitan mo nang matagal ang pagsuyo'y naglalaho;

Layuan mo at kay-lungkot, nananaghoy ang pagsuyo!

Ang Pag-ibig em dakila'y aayaw nang matagalan,

Parang lintik kung gumuhit sa pisngi ng kadiliman.

Ang halik na ubos-tindi, minsan lamang nahalikan,

By ang ilog kung bumaha, tandaan mo't minsan lamang.

Ang Pag-ibig kapag duwag ay payapa't walang agos,

Walang talon, walang baha, walang luha, walang lunos!

Ang Pag-ibig na matapang ay puso ang inaanod,

Pati dangal, yama't dunong nalulunod social fear pag-irog!

Ang Pag-ibig em buko pa'y nakikinig pennsylvania sa aral,

Tandang di pa umiibig, nakikita pennsylvania ang ilaw,

Ngunit kapag nag-alab bist du pati mundo'y nalimutan ---

Iyan, ganyan ang Pag-ibig, damdamin mo't puso lamang!

Kapag ikaw'y umuurong sa sakuna't sa panganib

Ay talagang maliwanag at buo ang iyong isip:

Takot pa ang pag-ibig mo, hindi ka pa umiibig:

Pag umibig, pati hukay aariin mong langit!

Ang Pag-ibig ay may mata, ang Pag-ibig ay di bulag;

Ang marunong umibig, bawat sugat ay bulaklak:

Ang pag-ibig ay masakim at aayaw ng kabiyak;

O wala na kahit ano, u ibigay mo ang lahat!

" Ako'y hindi makasulat at ang Nanay ay nakabantay! "

Asahan mo, katoto ko, hindi ka pa minamahal!

Ngunit kapag sumulat na sa ibabaw man ng hukay,

Minamahal ka na niya nang higit social fear kanyang buhay!

Kayong mga kabataang pag-ibig ang ninanais,

Kayong mga paruparong sa ilawan lumiligid,

Kapag kayo'y umiibig em, hahanapin ang panganib,

At pakpak ninyo'y masusunog social fear pag-ibig!

Author's Biography

Jose Corazon para Jesus or perhaps " Pepito” was born in Trinity Highway District of Sta. Cruz, Manila, upon 22 The fall of, 1894. He was the second son of Dr . Vicente de Jesus who had been the initially director from the Kawanihan ng Kalinisan, and his mother was obviously a kapampangan specifically Mrs. Susana Pangilinan. He previously twins, Vicente Jr, the elder and Rosa, the younger. In their family members, Jose Corazon de Christ is nearer to his mom because he is definitely sickly.

Since the child years, Corazon de Jesus was aware in Tagalog tula, awit, korido and the ebooks that was famous during those times like " Florante at Laura" and " San Raymundo". And because of these literary works, the skills of Jose Corazon de Jesus in poetry started out. He was as well fond of vocal singing, playing the piano, and various physical games. This individual attended his first education in the city of his father. The childhood of Jose Corazon de Jesus was packed with enjoyment. After graduating inside the primary level, he was transmitted in Academia de Manila, one of the most well-known schools in Manila then simply, to continue his secondary level. When he managed to graduate, he analyzed law in Escuela para Derecho. When he finished his degree in 1919 he did not take those bar exam. Instead, this individual continued his passion in poetry.

In October of 1918, Jose Corazon de Jesus elope his partner Asuncion Lakan. Their marriage brought three children; these were Teresa, Jose and Rogelio. Jose Corazon de Christ is not only a poet and writer although also media. He started to be the writer of the magazine " Demokrasya", " Pagkakaisa", " Taliba", " Mabuhay", at " Sampagita. " But he was well known in neuro-scientific " balagtasan" and " pagbigkas”. Until now, he is even now very well known through this field.

Jose Corazon sobre Jesus, or perhaps Huseng Batute, died for 12: 02 in the evening, on May twenty six, 1932 generally speaking Hospital as a result of intestinal disease.


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