An Evaluation of Foreign Exchange Functionality of Ific Bank

 An Evaluation of Foreign Exchange Functionality of Ific Bank Article

1 . 0 Introduction

1 ) 01 History

Thesis is known as a pre-requisite to get the EMBA degree of the Faculty of Business Studies, Jahangirnagar University or college. In today's world, education is the very important tool pertaining to understanding the actual and to apply knowledge pertaining to the betterment of the world as well as in Organization Sector. By academic periods theoretical knowledge is from various classes, which is the particular half means of the subject subject. Practical know-how has no alternative. The perfect dexterity between theory and practice is of very important importance in context of modern business Participants for getting a practical experience which can be the Research Program. This research program provides students closer to the real life situations and thereby really helps to launch a job with some preceding experience.

Studies a step towards fulfilling this kind of commitment by providing students an opportunity to get ready for the real world before they will enter their practical existence. For my personal research I was assigned to research on an analysis on foreign currency performance of International Financial Investment & Commerce Financial institution Limited (IFIC). I began the research underneath the supervision of Ms. Mahfuza Khatun the Faculty of Business Studies of Jahangirnagar University. The report attempts to identify the other Exchange performance and the theme of the statement has been picked as " An Evaluation of Foreign Exchange Functionality of IFIC Bank”

1 . 03 Scope

The scope in the study is definitely defined by extensiveness in the facts included in the study. A tip into the background operations of International Finance Investment & Commerce Lender Ltd (IFIC) is given in the report. Besides, background in the IFIC Bank, its business lines, fundamental drives, principles, values and its particular present circumstance are developed. The opportunity of this report was confined to the foreign exchange performance. The study is focused on details about their export and import movement charts, remittance delivery stations and export workflow, forex trading performance and benefits to the organization, clients, the target marketplace and the rivals in the market

1 . 04 Objectives

There are two sorts of aims of this record. They are:

Wide Objective:

5. To obtain an insight into the history and forex operations of IFIC 5. To fulfill the requirement of EMBA system & start as specialist life. Particular Objectives:

To understand the features of foreign exchange business and features as well as to offer a brief review about diverse operations of IFIC Lender. To have a close view concerning analyze the performance of the Foreign Exchange Department of the bank * To assess of the Foreign Exchange situation and satisfaction of IFIC Bank. * To identify the core advantages of foreign back to the inside remittance. * To provide circumstances as a setting of functional orientation of banking procedure. * To identify the foreign exchange related concerns and alternatives. * Finally, to identify key problems of foreign exchange section and provide following recommendations.

1 ) 05 Method

Data and Information from the study have been completely collected through personal interviews, field level enquiries and observation inside the organization and so forth For the analysis component, data have been collected coming from different affirmation and the gross annual reports with the bank.

Info Collection Technique

Relevant data for this statement has been gathered primarily by simply direct brought on of different information, papers, paperwork, operational process and different personnel. The selection interviews have been implemented by formal and simple discussions. Zero structured customer survey is used.

Info Processing

Data collected coming from secondary resources have been prepared manually and qualitative procedure. Qualitative approach has been followed for data analysis and interpretations.

Primary sources:

5. Primary info was collected through specific open finished interviews of the Front-end managing personnel of IFIC...



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