Strengths and Weaknesses

 Strengths and Weaknesses Dissertation

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Abilities and failings

I have a number of essential strengths which can be contributive to working being a competent director. I have appear logic, i am diplomatic and disciplined and approach sociable situations with an open brain and an eagerness to understand. While many of these are personal traits, definitely they are ever present in my own working life. Each of these qualities, in my opinion, allows me to make a balanced assessment of the multitude of scenarios. There are, of course , a few areas that I need to develop that may also sharpen the skills which i already own. I will today outline the specific areas of my strengths and weaknesses.

Persons Management

Persons Managenent is usually one of my personal strongest talents and the one that I have the a real expertise for. I love working with people and enjoy the challenge of judging whose skills are best suitable for different aspects from the job.


• Completed Team Innovator - Once working in a team We naturally possess authority and take control so that the group performs efficiently and effectively.

• Diplomacy - I work effectively in a bureaucratic role because I apply logic and reason to situations and maintaining harmony. When chatting, it is important to get considerate, consistant and exact as well as very clear. I believe the key to making fast progress is at ensuring that people understand you as quickly as possible.

• Versatility - When facing a tough situation I possess the ability to change my style of management in line with the particular member of staff's way of working.

• Presence -- I i am told that I naturally come with an air of authority and leadership. We am extremely direct and can not cover what I was trying to express.


• Working with large numbers -- I have a deficiency of experience in managing a wide range of people. I am wanting to accept the process, and recognize that it is a couple of confidence that determines just how effective and influential I will be into a team of staff.

• Motivation - I am seeking to develop my personal motivational expertise in fresh and efficient ways. I am currently highly self-motivated but recognize that my personal technique might not be as powerful with other associates of staff.

• Accepting way too many tasks -- I am prone to taking on more help myself than is necessary and frequently find later on that just delegating all of them would save me having to go back over my own work.

Image merchandising

For me, this is an art and craft that requires awareness of detail as well as discipline and is a key take into account maximising commercial success. This really is my weakest area like a manager therefore naturally is it doesn't one that I've most wish to improve.


• Methodical -- I have a reasonable mind that works systematically. You will discover rules and guidelines that needs to be considered once approaching a job in Aesthetic Merchandising. When ever faced with a unique set of guidance such as these, We am able to process details much more quickly.

• Commercialism -- I have a good understanding that Visual Merchandising can be paramount once striving for industrial success. I am great at sourcing info that enables myself to construct a highly effective wall (or area of the store) as potentially profitable as it can be.

• Problem solving -- Speaking via previous encounter, remerchandising a wall could be a challenge. You need to consider each of the factors which might be presented for you and then arrange them so that they equally balance and compliment each other. I find that the best answer is 'Trial and Error' because you can see multiple possibilities before choosing the final, and the most appealing, combo.


• Creativity -- Although my own background in the Arts sector is a real benefit when...



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