A Pampre in the Sun: Composition of Various insecurities

 A Raisin in the Sun: Composition of Various insecurities Essay

Jerry Fermin

November five, 2012

English language 33

Mrs. Weissmann

The dreams of the characters inside the Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry illustrated the concept of the Langston Hughes poem. Lena, Walter, Ruth, and Beneatha all resided under the same roof, but their aspirations had been all different. Becoming the head of the house, Lena wanted her children to live the lives that they imagined for themselves. Walter's wish was to spend his mom's money in a liquor shop and to build a better your life for his son Travis. Beneatha inside the other hand wants to use her mother's cash to become a doctor when your woman got out of college and Ruth would like to be prosperous. A Raisin in the Sun was a book regarding " dreams deferred” and this book Loraine Hansberry fluently described the dreams of the Younger Family and just how their dreams became a destructive tool on their family.

Lena Younger, Walter and Beneatha's mother was a widow who devoted her lifestyle to her children after her husband passed away. When the girl retired the girl was looking forward to her partner's insurance funds to arrive. With all the ten 1000 dollars in her hand, Lena made a decision to buy a 3500 money house by Clybourne Area and the girl was likewise going to infuse money in the bank for Beneatha thus she could go to medical school. Those were her dreams, these people were so simple and ordinary and also beautiful. Your woman expected everyone to be delighted and amazed of the points she got done with the check as well as they were, except for Walter.

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While Lena got her pie in the sky, Walter was upset his mother had spent the money within the house and thought this wasn't good that Beneatha got some of it for her medical university while this individual got nothing for his liquor shop business. Walt always reviewed his fantasy thoroughly to his along with talked about just how it would produce their lives different, although Lena, whom always wanted her son to be joyful, trustingly gave the rest of the insurance money to Walter. Keeping the money in the hands, Walt thanked...



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