A History of the center Kingdom Downfall of Egypt

Rulers From Asia

After nov the center Kingdom of Egypt several nomadic persons from Asia invaded and captured More affordable Egypt. These persons were called the Hyksos. Egypt lacked a standing up army and their weapons had been far inferior compared to that of the invaders. The poor rulers of the Thirteenth Dynasty led to an interior struggle within the federal government, thus ripping the empire into various small factions and departing it open to attack. During this time period several peoples from Asia immigrated to Egypt and slowly started out to take-over the nowadays divided government. This resulted in the separation of Top and Lower Egypt. Although Egyptians learned many new systems, they still didn't want the Hyksos in their lands. The Egyptian Pharaohs vowed to lead their armies to restore control of their lands, and extend their empire. Egypt, having a number of weak rulers, resulted in inner fighting which weakened the country. Egypt as well had no position army and its own protective borders no longer a danger to invaders, an organization of men and women from Asia the Hyksos, immigrated to Egypt, utilizing their superior weaponry they took vitality and ruled Egypt for approximately one-hundred and fifty years.

The Pre-Dynastic

period, pre 3150 BCE was a time frame when the nomads of Egypt

started to settle, turn into farmers and build towns. Around 3150 BCE,

Egypt was joined mutually under the rule of 1 pharaoh, Narmer, who

for the very first time in Egypts record ruled both higher and lower Egypt

as one. Between your years 2700-2190 BCE, known as the Old

Kingdom or as the Pyramid Time, was a